My Favorite Exercises: Abs Edition

Overhead Crunch

Grab a barbell and lie flat on the floor.  Bring your legs up to 90*.  Reach the bar as far back as is comfortable then crunch up and reach the bar towards your toes.  Return back down slowwwwwly as possible keeping your back completely flat on the floor and returning the bar back to start and repeat.

Side Plank with Side Raise

Grab a dumbbell (you can go light here) and come into a side plank.  Start with the weight on your hip then lift it up until your hand is directly over your shoulder.  Keep your hips up as high as possible.  Return the weight back to your hip then do it again!

Hanging crunch

Hang from a pull-up bar and extend your legs. Draw your knees up to hip height pulling your abs in tight and lowering down slowly back to full extension.  If you want more of a challenge, keep your legs straight throughout the exercise.  Be careful not to rock back and forth (like I did in the beginning!)

Shoulder Taps

Come into a high plank and get your feet nice and wide.  Tap your right hand to your left folder, then return it back to the floor.  Tap your left hand to your right shoulder, then return it back to the floor.  Get your feel as wide as you need to so your hips stay stable.

Give these a try and let me know what you think!

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