My Kitchen Short Cuts

When I need a quick meal or snack, these are my short cuts that are super tasty, filling and satisfying 🙂

Shredded Chicken

I make this every week.  I cook a few chicken breasts in a crockpot with chicken broth on low for 3 hours and voilà! It’s done!  I add this chicken to everything throughout the week.  Rice, salad, stir fry…you name it.  I cover it in Franks Hot Buffalo sauce, bbq sauce, soy sauce…whatever condiment I want and very rarely get tired of it 🙂

Trader Joes Vegetable Fried Rice


This stuff is amazing.  It tastes great either on its own with a little soy sauce and it’s even better when I add some shredded chicken and extra veggies.  I throw everything into a bowl, microwave for two minutes and lunch is served!

Hardboiled Eggs

An oldie but goodie 🙂 Not much to say about these except that they’re protein & vitamin packed!! A fantastic on-the-go snack.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey


This is a quick and easy go-to when I need a quick snack.  I haven’t found a better tasting protein powder out there.  It’s great mixed with water, milk or in a protein pancake (just a scoop of powder and some egg whites). Salted Caramel and Mocha Cappuccino are my two favorites.

Pre-Packaged Nuts

I am admittedly too lazy to buy a bag of nuts and portion them out myself so these are just perfect. I add them to my Greek yogurt every morning for a little crunch and a healthy fat or just use them for snacking.

Frozen Turkey Burgers


Where would I be without these?!  I throw one on my George Foreman grill (yes, I like my meat dry) and it’s ready in 5.  While it’s grilling, I’ll toast up a sandwich thin and mash up half of an avocado with garlic salt and make a delicious and quick sandwich in no time!

There’s no need to spend hours in the kitchen.  Just a few minutes and you can have a quick and healthy meals in minutes.

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