Slow Progress Is Still Progress

“Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” 

I love this quote (and the turtle 😉 ). This idea is everything when it comes to weight loss.

I want to share some numbers with you.  This chart shows a clients weight loss progress over a three month period.

Weight Loss Chart

Of course it can be debated about whether or not the scale is an ideal tool of measurement for weight loss, but this is what worked for my client.  She wanted to see the numbers each week.  It’s clear that there were some ups and downs and some weeks where numbers didn’t change at all, but the key was she kept going.  She knew that despite the numbers, she was moving towards her goals because of the choices she made each day.  She chose to get her workouts in and she chose to make smart decisions when it came to food (most of the time 😉 ).  She didn’t let “slow” progress or setbacks derail her efforts.  She’s now sitting at 7 pound below her weight on June 16 and has been maintaining that weight for the last two months.

We are led to believe that weight loss can be quick and effortless. By believing so, we think that any kind of setback means we have failed.  This all-or-nothing mentality is a dangerous place to hang out, so this is where a mindset shift is super important! You have to believe that lasting weight loss is NOT quick and it is NOT effortless.  It takes time and it takes work.  There are always setbacks, but the best part about that is there is nothing that can’t be undone!  If you make a less than ideal nutrition choice, you can make a better one at your next meal.  If you miss a workout, you have the next day to try again. 

Ending the all or nothing mentality can be a struggle but remember to cut yourself some slack and remember you can reverse whatever mistake you think you’ve made.  You always have another shot in the nutrition and fitness game!

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  1. so true! the problem, though, is that the media and all the crazy diet plans out there proclaim weight loss can happen in 2 weeks or a month by doing X, Y, & Z and while, if you follow the workout and meal plan to a T you may get the results they boast about, you likely won’t keep those results since what you were doing was to such an extreme and was just not a sustainable way to live (in line with your post earlier this week). If you want to make healthier, lifelong choices and changes, you have to do them gradually and make sustainable changes.

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