How To Eat Healthy When Traveling

In my pre-personal trainer life I worked in an office and I had to travel pretty frequently.  I remember thinking how traveling always threw me off my nutrition game because I couldn’t batch cook and meal prep the way I would at home and I would make less than ideal choices when it came to what I ate out of convenience.  I think if I had been equipped with the following tools, I might have made better choices. So, if you’re a frequent traveler, take a look below because these tips might just help!

Drink lots of water.

A result of traveling, especially if you’re flying, can be some serious dehydration.  Along with dehydration comes less energy, interrupted sleep, the feeling of hunger even though you might  just be thirsty and cravings for sugary or salty foods.  At a first thought you might think you need another coffee or maybe a quick boost of sugar to get your energy back up, but try water first.  Drink a couple glasses, give it a half hour or, so then check back in with you cravings and energy.
More tips:
  • Drink one or two big glass of water as soon as you get out of bed.
  • Travel with a bottle that you can refill throughout the day.
  • If you’re flying, drink water throughout the entire flight. If you’re driving, grab a 24- pack of bottles and throw them in your car to drink throughout the drive.  All the bathroom trips will serve a double purpose because you’ll get to move around and stretch out your legs!
  • If you’re going out to eat, always ask for water first and drink a glass before reaching into the bread basket or ordering your meal.  The water alone could be enough to change your decision from a not-so-ideal choice to a better one.

Bring snacks.

I’m a big fan of bringing snacks everywhere:)  Below is a list of easy travel foods but you can double check your airlines policies if you’re flying.

  • single serving PB packets
  • tuna packets
  • bagged protein powder
  • pre-packaged nuts
  • protein bars (Luna Bars, Quest Bars, etc)

Avoid fast food by stopping at gas stations or grocery stores.

Yes, gas stations.  They are FILLED with healthy choices.  Greek yogurt, fruit, protein bars, protein shakes, water, trail mix, etc.  If you can get to a grocery store you can stop at the salad bar, grab a sandwich at the deli, get a prepared fruit salad, your options are limitless.  While you’re there, you can stock up your hotel room.  If your room doesn’t have a fridge, buy a Styrofoam cooler for a few bucks and keep replacing the ice.  This is a super easy way to stay on track during an extended trip.

When eating out, choose your protein first then build a meal around it.

Almost every restaurant will let you make substitutions.  Pick the protein you like (chicken, steak, etc) then add a few vegetables as sides.  Remember you aren’t stuck with what’s on the menu.  Be creative!  You can forgo the fries and double up on the mixed vegetables. OR you can get the fries but eat your protein and vegetables first, then whatever room you have left over, if any, you’ll have for the treat.  Also, don’t forget to order a water with your evening cocktail 😉

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  1. agreed! I also try and plan my workouts in the morning. Vacation is one thing, but for work travel I try to keep to my schedule as much as possible, which includes working out and limiting alcohol during the week!

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