How I Deal With An Overindulgence…Or 6…

This past weekend was FULL of treats.  In fact, I think treats were the only things I actually ate this weekend.  Here goes…beer, fried pickles, a couple wings, an insanely large cookie, pizza, Chinese food, wine and some candy.  I honestly don’t think I had one vegetable or a piece of fruit on Saturday or Sunday.


So what do I do for damage control?

Nothing. No restriction, no guilt, no extra workouts to work off the calories (won’t work BTW), no beating myself up and no regrets.  I got right back to my usual routine. I’ve had lots of water, protein, green veggies, some healthy fats and had a great workout. This weekend is in the past so it’s time to just move on. Was eating this way what I consider “healthy” for me (or anyone else, really)?  No.  But…do I eat like this all the time?  No!

It’s really all about perspective.  I can choose to regret my decisions and wish I had eaten more veggies and less junk, but why?  I can’t change it and honestly, I don’t think I would.  It was all totally worth it because I enjoyed time with awesome people, had some delicious pizza from my favorite pizza place, and enjoyed a cookie at my photoshoot (yes, you read that right 😉 ).

Know what else?  My physique hasn’t changed one bit because it was ONE WEEKEND.  My treats were a total of THREE meals and a couple snacks. Every day I eat about 4 or 5 meals so this weekend is going to have zero effect on me whatsoever.  Besides the fact that this isn’t going to be a regular occurrence so I have nothing to worry about!

Learning balance takes time. As I’ve said before, I feel like I’ve wasted enough time worrying about food. I choose to fuel my body with lean protein, veggies, fruit, etc  probably 80-90% of the time because that’s what makes me feel the best.  Then there are times like this weekend when I’d rather have fun than worry about overindulging 🙂

Quick Tips:

  • Drink extra water for the next few days
  • Prioritize protein & veggie intake
  • Carry on with your life as usual.  There’s nothing that can’t be undone!

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4 Comments on “How I Deal With An Overindulgence…Or 6…”

  1. yes, yes and yes! I couldn’t agree with you more, although I used to feel so bad when I had “off” days. Now I just realize it’s all part of life- some days I eat super healthy and other days I eat pizza and ice cream. Since I eat well 80% of the time, those indulgences are not going to do anything negative for me. If they became a consistent thing and happened more than healthy eating, then I’d have something to think about, but for the occasional indulgences it’s just not a big deal!

  2. Thank you! Its one ofbmy faves from all the pictures! For pizza… I guess it depends on what I’m in the mood for, but this night I got the Proper Slice and its amazing ?

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