Get Yourself Unstuck!

Complaining keeps us stuck.  It stops us from taking action. When we complain we make ourselves a victim and we stay a victim until we wake up and start taking action.

I mean guys, we all complain, about a lot of different things. Complaining can feel like a natural reaction, but it’s never a positive reaction to the situation we’re in.  Being a personal trainer I listen to A LOT of complaints.  People grabbing at the body parts thy don’t like, complaining about how out of shape they are, complaining about their poor eating habits.  There are ALL thing within our control but most of us find it a lot harder to take 100% responsibility for where we are and put some action steps into place.  It’s almost easier to settle.

No more settling, ladies.  No more “it is what it is” because it doesn’t have to be “what it is.” Your life is what you make it.

There are two ways you can start getting yourself unstuck from a less desirable situation that you find yourself in.  The first is to change your perception and the second is to change your situation.


Change your perception

Your perception is your reality.  In other words, the thoughts you have about your everyday life is what your life becomes.

Do you find yourself complaining about your job and how you dread going in every day?  Your job will continue to suck.

Do you complain about your weight and hate looking in the mirror because of what you see looking back at you? You’ll continue to struggle losing weight.

Harsh?  Maybe, but guys, whatever thoughts we have WILL manifest themselves and will show up in our life. Whether we realize it or not, we’re going to actively work towards proving yourself right.  So if we’re constantly telling ourselves that our job sucks and it’s impossible to lose weight, well that’s exactly how things are going to be. 

Think about it- you’re called into a meeting at work to talk about an upcoming project.  You’ve already been harping on how much you hate your job and how badly you don’t want to be there so you go into the meeting with a chip on your shoulder.  During the meeting your boss asks for your input and you give a short answer because they won’t use your ideas anyway.  You leave the meeting with a few assignments, have immediate resentment for them and thus begin thinking about how stupid the project is, you can’t believe your boss gave you this work and how the heck are you supposed to do all this on top of everything else?!  You go home and complain to your roommates about how shitty your job is (a story they’ve heard MANY times before) and then you hop right back into the same cycle the very next day.

Sound familiar?  I know it does to me!

So, why not try to change your perception of your job. You have total and complete power to shift the way you think about your job and find the bright spots no matter how small they might be.

When we change our perception we, in turn, change our lives.

>Maybe you have fabulous co-workers who you get to have lunch with every day and go to happy hour with every Friday- you wouldn’t know them if it wasn’t for this job.

>Maybe this job is just a means to and end and you can appreciate the experience to build upon your passion- your schedule is pretty flexible which allows you to get some passion project work done during the week. 

>Maybe you can be super grateful for a paycheck that allows you to travel- we all like money, right ;). 

>Maybe you love the cafeteria at work or love that you have a free coffee machine in the kitchen (this was mine way back when I had an office job, hah!)

Focus your perception on creating a new reality.  One where you are in charge and one where you live in a bubble of positivity instead of energy sucking negativity.  


Change your situation

When we feel stuck we can start to think “it is what it is.” We settle because well, change is hard and it takes a lot of work and so we start to create a life based on negative or limiting beliefs.

In my opinion, there aren’t many situations that we can’t change in order to shift our life for the better.

>Hate your job?  Find another one.

>Having trouble losing weight?  Hire a coach, read this blog ;), do some research, go for a walk.

Let’s dig into this a little deeper though because it’s easier said than done.

When you get home from a long day at work at the job you hate, you sit down, order a pizza and some mozzarella sticks and pour yourself a biiiiiig glass of red.  While you’re waiting for the pizza to be delivered, you go into the cabinets, munch on some chips and grab a handful of candy. By the time your food is delivered, you’re not even hungry anymore but you have to eat it because you’re starting to eat healthy tomorrow so you can finally lose weight, and you don’t want food like that in the house after tonight. You wake up the next morning, skip the gym because what’s the point anyway after what you ate last night, and you start getting ready for work- without breakfast, mind you, because you ate so much last night that you should probably skip breakfast, right? And by the way, this is the third time you’ve done something like this, this week and it’s only Thursday.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard this story or something very similar to it. This story is chock full of self-sabotage, a ton of negativity and a whole lot of simply settling for ‘what is’.

Now you know I’m all about having treats every so often, but to simply settle for something like this when you get back from a tough day is bullshit in its finest form 🙂  You of course have other options, but the tough part is acting on them.

> Instead of sitting down and ordering food, put your sneakers on and go for a 20 minute walk.  It’s probably the absolute last thing you want to do, but you do it anyway.

> Instead of ordering takeout, you have some prepped veggies in your fridge to munch on while you really think about what you want for dinner instead of ordering takeout on impulse.

> You make it a top 3 priority to get your butt to the gym because the only person you’re hurting is yourself if you don’t go.

> And finally, you start your day with a yummy, healthy breakfast.

I mean, doesn’t that sound so much better? 


Action ALWAYS trumps staying stuck. 100% of the time.  Your life is in your hands. Take charge, girlfriend.

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