50 intentions you can set for 2017 that have nothing to do with weight loss.

I talk a lot about fat loss. That’s what I do, what I coach and what I love.
But I know that fat loss isn’t the end all be all for everyone or maybe it’s a goal you’ve set a million times and you need a fresh perspective to make it happen.
Plus with it being just before the new year, people are setting goals, resolutions and intentions in hopes that this year will be their best year.
With that in mind, we’re going to take a little break from fat loss chit-chat and I’m going to give you 50 intentions you can set for the New Year that have absolutely nothing to do with weight loss.
These are just simple intentions you can set, and come back to, at any point throughout the year if you simply need a change of pace.

Enjoy, and happy new year, friends.  I’m so glad you’re here and I <3 you for realz.

1.       Throw away your weight scale, tape measures and food scales.

2.       Throw away any diet books you have lying around that you’ve been meaning to get to for the past 5 years.

3.       Eat in a way that makes you feel energized and satisfied, knowing that sometimes that means eating ice cream or French fries.

4.       Do a social media detox, regularly.

5.       Remove the following words/phrases from your vocabulary: should, shouldn’t, can’t, good and bad (as they relate to food), I’ve never been able to, that’s just how I am.

6.       Stop associating your self-worth with how you eat or exercise.

7.       Order what you actually want when you go out to dinner.

8.       Turn off your cell phone for an entire day.

9.       Stop talking negatively about food, bodies and people. This includes to, and about, yourself as well as others.

10.   Request your friends and family do the same.

11.   When someone compliments you simply say “thank you.”  Drop the extra “Who me?  No way!  I’m running on zero sleep, my makeup is awful and I haven’t had my hair done in weeks!” Seriously.  Just say “thanks.”

12.   Sincerely complement a stranger and do it as often as you can.

13.   Go through your closet and pull out your “skinny clothes.”  Donate them to charity and rock whatever size you are NOW.  In fact, donate all the clothes you haven’t worn in over a year.  You’re never gonna wear them.

14.   Eat more chocolate. Guilt-free.

15.   Only begin a new exercise routine if it feels good for your body and mind. In other words, don’t vow to pull doubles exercising 7 days/week if you haven’t been exercising recently.  Start small.

16.   Remember that you don’t have to run to be or get fit.  You can do yoga, lift weights, spin, walk, do Pilates, meditate, do CrossFit, take classes at a gym, do online classes at home, etc.

17.   Listen to your body when it’s telling you that it needs a break.  Sometimes that means skipping a planned workout for an afternoon nap and that’s ok.

18.   Take a few personal days from work throughout the year when you’re feeling run down and know that things won’t fall apart when you’re gone.

19.   Drop the multitasking.  Focus on one thing at a time.

20.   Get more sleep.  Figure out how much your body needs and aim for that number each night.

21.   Flip the script.  Turn negative thoughts about yourself, your body, your job and/or other people into positive ones.

22.   But don’t lie to yourself.  Only tell yourself positive things that you actually believe. Feel bloated but like how your hair looks today?  There’s the flip.

23.   Take a multi-vitamin.

24.   Learn to enjoy silence and just breathe.

25.   Be grateful for all your body can do even if you haven’t reached your physique goals yet (betcha didn’t even think that you were breathing in and out, your heart was beating, your blood was moving and your brain was processing these words this entire time!).

26.   Love yourself, just as you are right now knowing that the way you are can change at any moment and it will be perfect.

27.   And if that doesn’t feel right for you, simply accept yourself, just as you are, knowing that you can choose to change at any moment.

28.   Write a letter (yes, by hand) and reconnect with long lost friend or relative.

29.   Drink more champagne.  It will make you feel fancy.

30.   Unfollow anyone on social media who makes you feel bad about yourself. 

31.   Do not talk badly about or think badly about other people simply because they make different choices than you.  Their choices are none of your business anyway.

32.   Remind your friends and family to do the same.

33.   Donate to a charity you feel a strong connection to.

34.   Wear what you like because it makes you feel good and look good. 

35.   And yes, that can certainly mean wearing leggings even if the fashionistas say they aren’t really pants #whatev

36.   Drink more water.

37.   Talk to that cute guy or girl at the gym.

38.   Eat more green stuff.

39.   Make amends to those you’ve hurt.

40.   Remind your friends and family how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them.

41.   Do not allow your friends to speak badly about themselves to you or around you.

42.   Try new things.

43.   Breathe deeply.

44.   Treat yourself to that new dress or those new shoes you’ve been eyeing, just cuz.

45.   Overhaul your makeup bag and start fresh.

46.   Wear a bathing suit in the summertime.

47.   Wear a bikini if it makes you feel gorgeous (YOUR version of gorgeous, not society’s).

48.   Change the stories in your head that tell you you’re less than or not good enough.

49.   Remember that your body deserves your care.  Feed it and nourish it well.

50.   Thank God/the universe/your lucky stars/whoever or whatever for the life you have every.single.day.

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