How to Change Your Body Without Losing Your Mind

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There’s a huge shift happening in the fitness industry right now.  There are more and more people jumping on the “love yourself and your body just as you are” bandwagon, and while I love that (and have a free program to help you along that you can download HERE), I can also appreciate that some of us still have aesthetic goals.  The whole self-love revolution can make it seem wrong to want to change our body, to want to lose weight, to want to tighten up or tone up because why can’t we just love the skin we’re in?

Lemme tell you- there is nothing wrong with wanting to change your body.

The key though? Not being attached to the outcomes and not letting your expectations mess with the journey.

Fat loss goals are perfectly OK so long as you’re not expecting to reach a certain number on the scale within a certain period of time.

Toning goals are awesome so long as you’re not expecting to get jacked in one month, two months, six months.

Six-Pack goals are cool, too, so long as you’re cool with the fact that it might never actually happen because genetics do play a part in that (as well as a shit ton of hard work and dedication).

Before you set out on a physique change, there are a few things I want you to keep in mind.

1. Acknowledge that physique changes is an inside job.

The #1 mistake people make when they want to change their body is they change all of the outside stuff and ignore to fix the ever-present negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.  You know the thoughts. These are the “you’ll never do it” “It’s too hard” “You’re too lazy” “You’re not dedicated enough” thoughts. You need to squash them or at least be actively working towards squashing them, or they will undoubtedly keep you stuck. Any lifestyle change happens on the inside FIRST.

2. Acknowledge that things probably won’t happen like you want them to.

This is just life, isn’t it?  You want to lose 20 pounds in 2 months and at the end of month two the scale reads 15 pounds down. You want to lose 2 pant sizes by summer and come July you’re down to a size 10 from a size 12. I’ve seen this happen with so many clients, and when it happens they are SO discouraged that they didn’t reach their goals. But here’s the thing THEY FREAKING DID SOMETHING! They lost 15 pounds, they lost a pant size, they’re no longer where they once were! Achieving an aesthetic goal means you’re gonna be up, down, backwards, forwards, plateauing, spinning in circles, losing, gaining…it’s NEVER a linear process and it’s never predictable. The key is finding parts of the journey to enjoy. No, you don’t have to love the fact that some weeks you won’t lose weight, but you can love the fact that food is no longer a struggle for you, or that you’re FINALLY consistent with your workouts. Also know that if the majority of the action steps you’re taking are steps in the right direction, you’re going to achieve your goal.

3. Acknowledge that you might change your mind about your goal and that’s OK. 

You might want a six pack right now, until you realize what it takes to get there, then you might have a change of heart. That’s OK! You’re not a failure, you’re not quitting. You’re simply redesigning your goals so they’re more in alignment with the lifestyle you want to lead. The reason you aren’t achieving it isn’t for lack of effort, it’s simply because that goal is no longer your goal.  Reset and get back to work!

Lots of times we think we “should” want to lose weight, tone up, tighten up because that’s what we hear all the time. From magazine to TV commericals to chatting with our girlfriends, tightening up, and losing weight is EVERYWHERE. It’s almost as if we feel like we’re missing out if we don’t follow along with fat loss goals, too. Let me give you permission right now to drop that goal if it’s not TRULY what you want. If you’re not willing to put the work in, if it’s not in alignment with your top priorities, if you keep finding excuses and ways around making it happen, drop the goal and focus on something else. Focus on lifting heavier, running faster, being kinder, loving harder.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your body. BUT- it has to come from a place of love with a positive mindset, a lot of resiliency and a lots of will to pick yourself back up and get back on the horse when the going gets tough- because it will get tough.

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