You have a goal. Cool. But Can You Actually Achieve It?

The answer: It all depends on your thoughts about it.

The quote “whether you think you can or you can not, you are right” is SO spot on. So was R.Kelly when he sang “if I just believe it, there’s nothing to iiiiiiiit!” in I Believe I Can Fly- you know, that monster hit from Space Jam? Of course you do. 

So OK, maybe you can’t fly like R.Kelly says you can, but if you have your mind in the right place, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do. On the flip side, if you have your mind in the wrong place, there’s pretty much nothing you can do. 

Beliefs equal Thoughts equal Feelings equal Actions equal Results

I’ve said it before- if you tell yourself you’re fat, lazy, have no willpower and can’t do anything right, that’s the exact reason why you keep making decision that are consistent with those thoughts and beliefs. That’s also exactly why negative reinforcement doesn’t work. Standing in front of the mirror and belittling yourself thinking it will motivate you to go workout? Might work in the short term, but you can’t achieve a positive goal with a negative motivation.

Introducing BTFAR (Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Results)

I recently ran myself through the BTFAR method when I was struggling with my lack of results in a very important part of my life and, not very surprisingly, it all came down to my beliefs about whether I could or couldn’t. My beliefs about whether or not I could make it happen. My belief in my worthiness to achieve what I set out to do. I wasn’t believing I could. Self-doubt was running rampant in my mind and it was draining. No wonder I wasn’t reaching my goal! Now instead of wondering why I’m not seeing the results I want, I have my answer, and the answer is allllll in between my ears. 

So if you’re struggling in an area of your life where you’re not getting the desired outcomes, run through the BTFAR method. I’m giving you a simple, yet very popular, example below. You can just fill in the blanks with your own experience.

RESULTS you’re getting: Weight gain or inability to lose weight.
ACTIONS you’re taking: Going to the gym 3-5 days a week, eating super clean Monday through Thursday then letting things slide come Thursday night through Sunday night. 
FEELINGS you’re having: Restriction and deprivation throughout the week and then regret and guilt come Sunday evening.
THOUGHTS you’re thinking: “I’ve never been able to do this before so what makes me think I can do it now, I mess up every week. Why is this so freaking hard? Forget it. It’s not even worth it.”
BELIEFS you’re believing: I’m not good enough to do this, I don’t have enough willpower and I’m going to give up on myself again because I don’t matter enough do make this work. Plus if I lose weight and my partner doesn’t, it will make them feel bad and I don’t want to make them feel bad. It’s easier to just stay here. 

This is the real, nitty gritty stuff we have to uncover when we feel like we’re doing everything right and nothing is happening. 

The root cause of your results, or lack there of, are directly effected by your beliefs and thoughts about YOU and your ability/worthiness to get it done.

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