How to Prep for Holiday Meals: Mindset Edition!

I remember walking into Christmas five years ago thinking “OK, I’m not going to overdo it. I’m not going to stuff myself. I’m going to eat turkey, green beans, maybe a little stuffing if I don’t eat any appetizers and I’ll have one piece of pie after.” That year I wasn’t allowing myself any leeway. No cheese & crackers, no mashed potatoes, no dinner rolls, no gravy, no extra desserts, no wine.


Because I was SO AFRAID of getting fat, of gaining more weight, of feeling out of control, that I had to go in with a plan.

The problem? I didn’t follow through.

I actually never followed through with these grand plans.

Instead, I’d binge my face off, eat when no one was looking, eat until my stomach was distended and used the “there’s always room for dessert!” excuse to eat even more to the point of being extremely uncomfortable.

I was OBSESSED with food, OBSESSED with not overeating, OBSESSED with what my body looked like and the outcome was 20 pounds of fat gain, a horrible body image and a constant battle with food. I felt completely out of control which was ironic because control was exactly what these plans were supposed to give me.

When I first started coming to terms with my binge eating and started really working on breaking the habit, I had a huge light bulb moment and finally knew exactly what I needed.

I didn’t need a new plan, in fact, I didn’t need a plan at all.

A plan was the last thing I needed because it only made the obsession grow. It only made me focus more on food, more on my body, more on not overindulging to the point where overindulging is exactly what I would do.

See, what we give attention to grows. So if all my thoughts were going to “don’t eat that,” “don’t overeat,” “don’t go crazy,” eating, overeating and going crazy is exactly what I would do.

So I started dropping the plans and began to just be. Be in the moment, eat the foods I enjoyed and get over myself already.

And this year, I want to challenge you to do the same.

I want to challenge you to go into the Holidays without a plan that restricts you and deprives you. Instead, go in and go with the flow. Of course you’re going to stay mindful and aren’t going to go wild, but it’s time to drop the rules, drop the plans and start enjoying!

Ask yourself:
1. Am I physically hungry?
2. Do I actually want this food or am I just eating it because it’s here?
3. Will I feel deprived if I don’t eat it?
4. Will it be satisfying or do I just want to eat it because everyone else is?
5. Does it taste good?

Remember, in most instances you can take food home, you can save it for later or you can get it at the grocery store any day of the year so you don’t have to eat it all in one day, in one or two sittings.

Take it easy on yourself this year and just go into the day with the intention of enjoying yourself, enjoying the food and walking away from the day feeling like a rockstar because you’re not stuffed, you’re simply satisfied and happy.

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