Want Extreme Fat Loss Results? Do this…

ex·treme- ikˈstrēm
1. reaching a high or the highest degree; very great.


I can’t tell you how many times clients have told me “I just feel like I need to do something extreme to get results.”

And in some ways, maybe they’re right.

Meaning, if they want rapid fat loss and quick results, extreme is the way to go.

The problem is, those results never last. 

So think about it this way- what would you rather have: Results that take 6-12 months to get, but you’ll have them forever? Or results that you get in a month or less, but you’ll gain all the weight back and then some once you return to your normal eating habits?

The second choice is exactly what “extreme” gets us. That’s the deprivation, restriction, eliminating food groups, meal plans, counting calories, tracking points stuff. And if that’s truly what you want, there’s no shortage of programs out there which will help you do just that, but please don’t fool yourself into thinking your results will last, because chances are pretty great that they won’t. 

So let’s talk about the first choice, because to me, that is turning into the new extreme. Putting in the hard work and losing weight at a slow but steady pace. In order to get “extreme” in this way,  we need to cultivate a mindset of patience, persistence and resilience, because if you ask me, these three things are what it takes to get great results or results to the highest extreme.

In other words, patience, persistence and resilience are the new extreme if we want results that last. 

Patience is key because we’re been programmed for instant gratification. We want our results yesterday. But this is the exact mindset trap that screws us over because let’s be real- if you’ve done the rapid fat loss, detoxes, cleanses and all that garbage (#truth) for fat loss, the struggle wouldn’t still be so real. Quick results = a quick rebound, so when fat loss is the goal, patience is the name of the game because the slower it comes off (meaning 4-8 pounds per month average) the longer it will stay off if you’re honed in on developing healthier habits and mindset shifts and are actively working on them in the long-term.

Persistence and resilience come into play when we hit a snag- when we overeat, skip workouts, get sick, go on vacation, whenever something throws us off our normal routine. We need to have persistence to push through when the going gets tough and resilience to fall back on when things go awry- because in any fat loss journey things will get tough and things will  go awry. It’s a part of the process. The magic lies in being able to bounce back and pick up right where you left off – no pity parties.

But this stuff isn’t easy- believe me- I’ve done the work myself and I know how difficult it can be to embark on a fat loss journey alone. So if you’re ready to do the work, want some support and accountability and want to actually get results and enjoy your life (aka you can still eat carbs and drink wine) I’ve got just what you need.

I currently have 7 spots open in my 1:1 fat loss mentoring program, Fresh, Fit & Fearless.

But here’s the thing- I don’t take just anyone into this program. You have to be ready to do the work. I’m not a magician and I can’t just snap my fingers and change your life! You’ve gotta show up, too. BUT! If you show up, if you’re reaching out to me, texting me, showing up for our calls and all that jazz, your life will change for the better.

Click HERE to get more info and grab your spot. 

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