Want to be a part of the 8% who DO reach their resolutions? Do this.

I read an article on Forbes.com which said only 8% of people reach their New Year’s Resolutions.
That means 92% of people don’t.
So what does that 8% know that the 92% doesn’t, especially when it come to fat loss?
Probably a few things, IMO.
1. The 8% take small, truly manageable, baby steps. Majorly overhauling our lifestyle is pretty much guaranteeing us to land in that 92% group. Change is HARD and as humans, we don’t like change. So when we suddenly and drastically change our diet and/or exercise routine by cutting out carbs or vowing to wake up at 5am everyday to workout when we’re used to sleeping until 8am, chances are very small that we’ll be able to keep up.
2. The 8% get really specific with their long-term and short-term goals. Saying “I’m going to lose 50 pounds this year” might be a great goal, but what’s missing is the WHY and the HOW. Going on a diet for a month or two is easy. Sustaining those habits, especially if they’re restrictive or require buying expensive supplements, isn’t so easy. That’s why we need to know the WHY and plan the HOW in short, manageable increments.
3. The 8% are a lot kinder to themselves. That self-doubt and negative self-talk is a killer. Literally. It kills any chance we have at reaching our goals. It can stop us dead in our tracks and make bouncing back nearly impossible. This is exactly why having a resilient mindset, a plan in place and a whole lot of support is crucial when going for a major goal and having a community where you can share your struggle and get solutions is absolutely necessary.
I want you to be a part of the 8% this year so make sure that no matter what your
goal is, you’re setting yourself up for success by having these three things in place.
Need some help? Shoot me an email at info@fueledphysique.com or fill out this form. I might have juuuuust the thing you need to get you where you want to be!

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