CRUSH Your Sugar Cravings- Without giving up sugar!

I used to be the girl who couldn’t keep sweets in the house. In fact, I’d have my roommate hide them from me because the idea of just having one Reese’s peanut butter cup or Oreo was just…crazy.

Even when I was younger, I used to be SO JEALOUS that my sister could save her Halloween candy for months and mine was gone in a day.- I felt like she had some kind of super power gene that I was unfortunate enough to have missed out on.

Up until a few years ago, I really thought having any kind of control over sweets wasn’t in the cards for me. It was either eat it all, all the time, or eat none at all. And, not surprisingly, when I tried the eat none at all approach, I always ended up bingeing.

When I did successfully stay away from the sweet stuff for a few days (which was rare) the withdrawals were REAL. I’m talking headaches, mood swings, intense cravings and eventually caving in and eating all the chewy sprees a girl could get her hands on.

So when I tell you that I know exactly how it feels to think we have zero control over our cravings, especially when it comes to sugar, believe me- I get it!

But here’s what I discovered after tackling my own sugar “addiction”: Sugar wasn’t necessarily the problem. The problem was, I was going about tackling the sugar cravings all wrong.

These cravings were a sign that my nutrition, and generally speaking, my lifestyle, was off. These cravings would strike simultaneously with high stress, poor sleep, dieting, restriction, and over-exercising.

It’s no surprise that my body was like WOAH! STOP! WE NEED A QUICK FIX TO GET SOME ENERGY UP IN HERE!

What I needed wasn’t another diet, and it certainly wasn’t a sugar detox. What I needed was to get back to balance through improving my diet, exercising the right amount for me-which definitely wasn’t the 2-3 hours a day I was pulling- and lifestyle, so I could balance out and feel like a human again instead of a sugar laden zombie.

So what do we need do when we want to feel amazing, look amazing and not feel like we need to cut out sugar cold turkey & forever- because that’s just not a lifestyle I want to live and I bet you wouldn’t want to either!-?

We need to look at, and address, our lifestyle as a whole.

We need some practical strategies and skills in place for when the occasional sugar craving does strike – because it will, and that’s ok. And because a sugar craving can be expected from time to time, you’re going to want the tools in your back pocket to nip it in the bud before things get out of control!

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