Your Meal Plan is Failing You

“If someone could just tell me exactly what to eat…like, give me a meal plan. Then I could figure this whole food thing out.”

I’ve been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor for over 10 years. I also hold a degree in Nutrition as well as a Holistic Health Coach certification. I could write you the most beautiful, flawless and effective meal plan ON THE PLANET.

I could write a meal plan that would get you lean, tight, toned and feeling like a rockstar 24/7/365.

But I won’t. 


Because meal plans DO. NOT. WORK when we’re looking for a real, long term, lasting solution.

The fact of the matter is, we know what healthy eating and healthy living looks like. We know what to do. You could probably write an amazing meal plan yourself! The real deal is this: The fat loss struggle isn’t due to lack of information or knowledge, the problem is lack of implementation. 

 But I get why people want meal plans. They provide structure, they take out the thinking and they make us feel in control. The funny thing is, that’s exactly why they don’t work! Because nobody knows you better than you know yourself- your schedule, your food preferences, your cravings, how much food it takes for you to feel mentally and physically satisfied…

So I’m just gonna say it…a meal plan will not work for you in the long-term and you really, really don’t need one.

If you’re struggle to lose body fat, your first step is figuring out WHY you’re engaging in behaviors that aren’t in line with your ultimate goals.

  • Why did you eat half a bag of stale chips in your pantry?
  • Why did you order a burger and fries instead of a salad with grilled salmon?
  • Why did you order a margarita when you swore you weren’t drinking last night?
  • Why did you eat 5 cookies instead of 1?

And do you really, honestly think you would have done something different if you had a meal plan to follow?

The answer is no.   

So what do we do instead if following a meal plan is all we know?

Learn to live around food – ALL food, everywhere, every day – without restriction or and still eat the things that you know your body needs, wants, and likes.

Most of my clients come to me simply wanting to fit comfortably into their clothes and want to feel strong and confident in their own skin, they just don’t know HOW to do it without having an exact plan to follow

So if this resonates with you, let me teach you how it’s done.

I want you to book a FREE call with me so we can get down to the nitty gritty of your goals and figure out how to get you from where you are now (not implementing, struggling, frustrated) to where you want to be (confident, fit and free from the obsession, dieting and plans!).

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