4 Simple Ways to Have a Healthier Summer!

Summer means lots of unstructured time, vacations, weekends away, cocktails on the patio, BBQs, kids (if you have them) are home and you’re shuttling them all around town- it’s so easy to let our healthy habits fly out the window. I want to help you keep your healthy habits on point so you can cruise through Summer feeling incredible and not feel like you need to start all over again come September!


For a lot of people, early morning is the only time they have to themselves. One of my clients is a mom of two who was struggling so hard to get her workouts in because she was so strapped for time. When we started working together, she wanted to try waking up just 30 minutes earlier to squeeze in a workout- and it worked like a CHARM. Not only is she consistently getting her workouts in now, but she also has more energy for the day and starts her mornings off strong by crossing something off her to-do list before 7am!

The best way to go about waking up earlier is to figure out what time you want to wake up and work backwards to determine what time you need to go to bed. For example, if you want to wake up at 6am, you’d want to be in bed between 10 and 11 to get a solid seven or eight hours of sleep.


You’re diligent about keeping your garden watered and maintained, but what about your body? Dehydration is one of the main causes of fatigue, brain fog and increased food cravings, and most of us aren’t drinking enough water to begin with. Set an alarm in your phone at least three times each day to remind you to drink up! Start by aiming for 60 oz or so then slowly work your way up to 90 oz.

Staying hydrated is even more important during hot weather, and especially when we’re outside having a glass of wine or two on a sunny day. Make hydration a top priority this summer by starting today!


I’m all for indulgences. I love pizza and pancakes as much as the next gal, and I won’t lie, I don’t love kale as much as I love cake, but I do love how foods like kale make me feel!

So while I don’t believe you have to forgo the sweets and treats, I do think it’s important to prioritize produce- especially when it’s fresh and in season like it is in the summer!

Have that grilled hot dog bunless with a bunch of fruit salad, make a fruit and veg smoothie every morning before you start your busy day, or add some grated veggies to your burger mixture to up the ante!


When the weather is cooperating, you might not really feel like hitting the gym. You’re more likely to want to be outside, soaking up that vitamin D, and that’s fine! Instead of hitting a stuffy gym, it’s a great swap to simply aim for at least 30 minutes of movement. Whether that’s a nice walk on the beach, a quick yoga flow on your patio or doing a HIIT workout in your back yard, remember you don’t have to take a trip to the gym to get (and stay) fit!

The gym will be there when you want it- it’s not going anywhere, just remember to wear your sunscreen when you’re getting your movement on outside!


If you want more customized tips and tricks, plus a ton of accountability over the summer to keep your healthy habits on track, I can help with that! Click here!