5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Fat Loss Results You Want!

Let’s get right into it today with some realllllll talk!

The thing I hear most often when I’m on my Fat Loss Freedom strategy calls with potential clients is: “I don’t know what to do…I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing sticks. But I know I need to do SOMETHING.”

These women are done feeling like crap, done hopping from diet to diet and done feeling like nothing is working, and….they’re also making a lot of the mistakes I’m about to talk about below:

1️⃣ They’re being WAY TOO IMPATIENT. These women typically haven’t stuck with anything longer than a couple weeks (if that) and when they don’t get the results they want, they quit, because it’s too hard, and it’s not working fast enough…

2️⃣ They’re pretty inconsistent with both their approach to fat loss and their lifestyle habits. Maybe they eat well Monday-Thursday, then all hell breaks loose over the weekend. Maybe they workout 14 days in a row then not at all for 2 months. Maybe they jump from program to program looking for that magic bullet but never it (cuz it doesn’t exist)…

3️⃣ They’re eating too many calories. That extra scoop or two (or three, or….screw it- just eat the whole jar!) of peanut butter can’t be *that* many calories! And that third glass of wine they have a few nights a week? Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. Calories matter… a lot.

4️⃣ They get distracted by all the shiny squirrels running around- AKA FAD DIETS! Keto! Whole30! Intermittent Fasting! Cleanses! They keep trying diets that their neighbors’ cousins husbands best friends wife tried and got some results on, and they automatically assume it will work for them, too.

5️⃣ They haven’t educated themselves on what it actually takes for THEIR body to get the results they want. Because they’ve never been taught how. They’ve never learned how to make their eating habits work with their lifestyle and their preferences and they’ve been so busy trying to be that square peg jamming into the round hole and fitting the mold of a particular diet or meal plan.

If any of this is resonating with you and you’re thinking “it’s like she’s in my head!” or “that sounds just like me!” then keep reading because I’m about to tell you exactly what you need to do.

⭐️ Be PATIENT. Lasting fat loss is a long game. It takes a whole lot of trial and error and you’ve gotta really be in it and committed to it to get there. You can’t just dabble here and there then get upset when you don’t see the results!

⭐️Be CONSISTENT. Whatever diet you’re on or plan you follow, the best way to success is taking small, baby steps, day in and day out that will bring you closer to your goals. But let’s be honest…if all those diets and meal plans actually worked…wouldn’t they have worked by now?

⭐️Get EDUCATED. No more guessing and hoping you’re doing it right. You need to know for SURE. What foods make you feel really good? What foods make you feel crappy? What breakfast combo boosts your energy for the day? Or do you do better with no breakfast at all? How much food should you be eating? These are important things to know.

…and know what gets you those essential pieces to the puzzle?!


Eating well doesn’t have to be hard or miserable. It can actually be pretty effortless and fun! And that’s where I come in  .

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