Consistency Tip: Start with ONE Thing

Our ability to stay consistent with our healthy habits is about to be tested: #happyholidays! So, I’m going to be sharing a few tips here and there to help you stay consistent with your healthy habits as the holidays approach.
One of the biggest reasons I see that keeps us stuck and in inaction is the fact that we just don’t know where to start. There is SO MUCH info out there it’s hard to know if we’re taking a step in the right direction towards our goals or if we’re doing more harm than good.
I’m hoping what I have for you today will help clear that up a bit!

So often women struggle with consistency because they make these huge, sweeping changes in their lifestyle, and they stay strong for a week or so, but then, inevitably they fall off.


Because our brains hate change and love safety, we naturally start reverting back to old habits after a while because our brain is like “This is too hard, I don’t like change, just do what you were doing before, you know you’re just gonna quit in a few days anyway…”

Then we do just that.

So, consistency tip #1:

If you want to make a change to your nutrition or fitness or any other lifestyle habit, you need to accept that BABY STEPS are the way to go.


I have a client, Lisa, who has been with me in my membership club, Wicked Fueled Coaching Club, for about a year now and before joining she had tried allllll the diets- Weight Wwatchers being the main one.

When Lisa first came to me, I told her to tackle ONE THING to start. She chose to stop eating in her car because she would snack the entire way from one job to another and she felt like her car was sort of a trigger for her to eat as much as she could during that drive. And making only ONE change was hard because she wanted results NOW, but she did follow my advice and after a few months she started seeing great results. Lisa sent me a message and said

“I made small changes, stopped tracking which just discouraged me and started to workout more. In two months I lost 6 pounds. I couldn’t have done it without you. Even ate in my care today and didn’t feel guilty because I knew I was in control.”

How cool, right? One small change (not eating in her car) spilled into other areas (working out) and made a huge difference for her.

Some other examples of baby steps could be:

  • #WaterBeforeCoffee

  • Sticking to 4 alcoholic drinks per week

  • Only eating sitting down or eating one meal without distractions

  • Changing ONE meal at a time

  • Walking for 20 minutes two times per week

But here’s the thing- you can only choose ONE.

Any one of these options will pack a really big punch. And I know, they seem kinda easy and a little too simple, but try to do one every single day for the next two weeks and see how it goes. If that’s easy, you can add another one.

This is a huge practice in patience, but I promise you it keeping it simple will help you stay a lot more consistent which always pays off in the end.

Now, what I want you to do next so I can help you even further is click here and book a Lifestyle Transformation Consult with me so we can figure out your next best steps and help you get to your goals faster and kick things off on the right foot so you can start 2020 off strong!