“KETO Coffee” Gimmicks & Your ACTUAL Solution to Reaching Your Goals

This past weekend I went into a new local jewelry shop in town. The jewelry was beautiful and the owners were so nice. They were really about building community, which I love, so they had a woman handing out samples of a coffee drink and promoting her business as.

When I went up to her table, she told me the drink was “filled with fat burners and it tastes really good.” Then before I tossed my empty cup she said again “it’s so good because it burns fat!”

After my friend and I left I told her that it took all my energy to NOT say “Nothing actually ‘burns fat’ besides a caloric deficit and having muscle on your body. Literally nothing about that drink helps people burn fat.”

I did a little research on this “fat burning coffee” and turns out, it’s a product of a pyramid scheme called KETO Coffee, which holds 100 calories per cup and 9 grams of fat. Basically it’s like a coffee with a nice scoop of butter in it.


Lemme say it one more time for the people in the back – The ONLY things that will actually help burn fat off of your body are 1) being in a caloric deficit and 2) having muscle on your body.

It’s sad that so many women will spend their hard earned money on products like this (it’s $40 for 15 servings, btw) looking for that quick fix and get their hopes up that this is what’s going to work.

I know this isn’t a super exciting fact to take it, but nothing will get you the results you want FOR GOOD unless you put in the hard work.

Hard work like

  • Creating a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • Organizing yourself and your day to day habits
  • Figuring out what to eat and what foods work best for your body
  • Finding a workout flow that works for you and works consistently
  • Establishing the easiest and healthiest wellness and self-care routine so you don’t have to think about it 24/7/365

Keto Coffee can’t do any of that for you, I can tell you that much.

So please, let’s put an end to these crazy gimmicks and stop buying into them because they’re only holding you back from living your healthiest, best happiest life.

So if we aren’t buying into this crap anymore, but we still want to reach our goals, what are we supposed to do?

Join a program that ACTUALLY WORKS.

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