The Dirt on Eating “Clean”

There’s no shortage of fad diets out there- Atkins, Keto, Zone, Paelo, Dukan…

And it’s no wonder people keep falling for them as if they’re the solution. These diets are celebrity endorsed, they’re mentioned in every ‘health’ magazine out there, they’re talked about on the news and talk shows- they’re everywhere.

And as someone who has tried pretty much every diet out there, I can tell you first hand how damaging they can be.

And there’s one fad diet that, although it’s not exactly a new concept by any meals, gets a lot of attention in the health and wellness world. And that fad diet is…


Clean eating essentially means avoiding processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and other foods like them and eating food as close to its natural state as possible.

And this might sound like a really good idea, and to be honest, our bodies would probably LOVE if we ate like this more often, but in reality clean eating can be a slippery slope to some pretty negative side effects.

The major problem with clean eating is the whole categorizing of food aspect. There’s ‘clean’ food which is “good” then all other foods which are “bad” and off-limits.

Do most clean eating programs come right out and say this? No, but that’s certainly the takeaway most dieters walk away with.

Think of how many people you know who try to limit or eliminate carbs from their diet. That’s not an idea they came up with on their own, right? They learned that from Atkins or South Beach or Keto or another low carb diet. And tt’s the same with clean eating. One day we can eat a few pieces of candy and feel OK about it, then after trying to eat clean, we’re feeling guilty, regretful and stressed because of it. Suddenly certain are “bad” and demonized and we think of ourselves as bad or out of control because of eating that food.

So what do we do? Because we want to feel good, look good and take care of ourselves, but we also don’t want to stress about it, right?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

⭐️ The only time you should avoid a certain food is if you have a true intolerance or allergy. Removing a food or food group (like carbs, for example) is overall unnecessary and can do more harm than good.

⭐️ Focus on fueling your body with fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats and occasional sweets n’ treats so you can have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

⭐️ Give yourself variety in your diet- switch up your meals a few times each week so you don’t get bored.

⭐️ If you’re looking to improve your eating habits, try the Fruit First method. When a sweets craving hits, grab an apple or some grapes or berries and eat a serving or two. Then if you still want the chocolate or ice cream, go for it, keeping in mind that the fruit will already have you feeling a little fuller than before.

For those who have salty cravings, you can do the same thing with veggies and dip- think baby carrots and ranch dressing, sliced peppers and hummus, etc.

If you’re ready to break free from thinking of food as “good & bad” or you feel really guilty after eating certain foods, I want to help you overcome that. And there’s no better place to start than in my 10-Day Nutrition Revival Challenge.

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We’ll get you set up with a plan that works for YOU without any hardcore food rules included. Just learning to enjoy food and eat for the results you want a lot less stress and no restrictions.