Tired of Feeling Like Crap About Yourself? Read This.

Are you sick of feeling like crap? Sick of comparing yourself to other people? Sick of self-sabotaging and not feeling good about YOU?

If yes, keep reading (or if you prefer video, click here)!

When women come to me and say they want to lose weight or they want to drop a pants size, the underlying goal- or the TRUE goal is they want to FEEL better. More fit, healthier, more energized…but even under all THAT…they want to feel confident.

It’s that feeling of pulling on an outfit, knowing it looks awesome and heading out the door without a second thought.

It’s that feeling of going out to dinner and knowing you’ve got this vs panicking about eating all the bread, drinking all the wine and self-sabotaging.

It’s that feeling of walking into a meeting at work and running the show without apologizing and without feeling the need to hide or meeting with your boss and asking for that raise, girlfriend!

So today, I’m gonna give you 3 steps you can start taking right now, today, to start building more self-confidence, one moment at a time.


1. Stop The Scroll.

When we’re scrolling through IG or FB, we’re doing one of two things: we’re either Comparing or Judging.

We’re either saying “look at her family…why don’t I have that yet…” “Look at her body. She’s so fit. She’s so lucky…” “Look at her job…she got promoted so fast and I’m still stuck in the same job I started in…”

Or we’re saying “Look at her family…there’s no way they’re that happy all the time. That’s so fake.” “Look at her body…who would post something like that?” “Look at her job…she’s not even that smart- how did she get that promotion?”

I mean right?! And yes, there are also the “Oh! that workout looks cool” or “Aww her baby is so cute,” but whether we’re aware of it or not, the longer we spend on social media, the worse we tend to feel about ourselves. Social Media is the ultimate comparison trap.

So what do we do?

  • First, limit time on the socials because if you have time to scroll you FOR SURE have time to meditate, journal, workout- you know, all the things that make us feel good!
  • Second, when you find yourself judging or comparing, you’re gonna flip it. If you find yourself thinking “Look at her body. She’s so fit. She’s so lucky….” I want you to comment under that photo or send them a DM and tell them how much you admire their hardwork and dedication and what an inspiration they are. Because the feeling you decide to have about that photo  can either break you down or motivate you to take action- you get to choose. If you’re thinking a little judgey, comment or DM the person and say “I really admire your confidence! Get it girlfriend!” Because again, your thoughts and feelings about that photo can break you down or build you up.

Plus it just feels SO GOOD to give compliments.  Positive energy out means positive energy in- we get what we give. And also negative energy out means negative energy in. So which do you want more of?


2. Stay true to your word and build self-trust.

Maybe you set a 30 day challenge for yourself where you’re gonna do #waterbeforecoffee every morning. Maybe you set that goal that every day for a week you’re gonna do 10 pushups and 10 squats every morning.

The magic in doing something so small is building self-trust. When we’re constantly not following through on the things we say we’re going to do, we stop trusting ourselves. And if you’ve ever been lied to or let down by someone else- you know how crappy that feels, yet we do it to ourselves all the time and think it’s benign.

So set a really, really small goal, crush it, then rinse & repeat. The more you trust yourself, the more you start crossing goals off your list, the more self-respect you have for yourself, the better you’ll feel. Hands down.

It’s time to stop neglecting yourself and self-abandoning. Confidence is rooted in self-trust. 


3. Move your body

Simply because when we exercise- whether it’s walking, Zumba, lifting weights, spin, whatever-  Our body releases endorphins which trigger a positive, happy feeling in the body. Exercise reduces anxiety and depression, helps balance out our stress hormones, and it also o stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These brain chemicals boosts our mood and just make us feel really really good. Exercise can also help improve your appetite and sleep cycles, so if you’re feeling like crap the BEST thing you can do is move your body. I don’t care how you do it, you just gotta do it!

And listen…if there’s anything we’ve learned this week with the passing of Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter, it’s that life is short, unpredictable and time isn’t promised. Life is WAY too short and way too unpredictable to walk around feeling crappy about ourselves and not living up to our fullest potential.

So now you have 3 steps you can take to build a lot more confidence- I’d love for you to share this blog (or video) with anyone you think it could help.

I’d also love to know which of these 3 tips you’re going to start implementing TONIGHT (click here to join my free Facebook group and let me know in there!)- because you don’t have to wait to start building that confidence- start now. Ok! Can’t wait to hear from you.