My Favorite #TreatYoSelf Moments Right Now

I talk a lot about my #TreatYoSelf Method- and I want to tell you exactly how I use it on the daily….

But first, let’s clear something up…

Foods are not good, bad, right or wrong. I chose years ago to drop the labels and instead eat for energy, enjoyment, satisfaction, and alignment with my goals.

And sometimes chocolate or wine fit the bill.

A #TreatYoSelf Moment means intentionally eating foods like chocolate, or drinking things like wine, to help prevent feeling restricted, deprived, full of cravings and feeling the urge to binge.

It’s not an all-out junk fest, and I’m not talking about eating or drinking a ton of the stuff, just enough to kinda take the edge off.

And it might sound crazy to some people because they’ll tell me “If I have a little chocolate, I need to eat ALL the chocolate!” But here’s what we know to be true: Restriction = Rebound. Every. Single. Time. Whether it’s this weekend, next week or next month, the tighter we pull the reigns on our dieting, the harder the rebound is gonna be.

I’ll never forget the time I gained 11 pounds over a weekend because I binged so hard. I was dieting harder than I ever had for a fitness competition, which resulted in the worst binge episodes I ever had.

And that’s the trouble with dieting or even getting ‘strict’ with our food choices. We end up wanting all the foods we aren’t allowed to have – whether we like them or not – and overdo it because whenever we decide to start over…those foods are gone again.

Getting disciplined and strategic about our indulgences is smart and effective in the long-term. Dieting and deprivation is just punishment that makes us feel like garbage.

A #TreatYoSelf Moment literally stunts the need to binge – or even overeat- because if you can allow yourself to eat whatever you want, gone is the need to go overboard!

Now I wanna tell you a few #TreatYoSelf Moments I’m currently loving, but first I want you to download this FREE 10-Day Fueled Up Nutrition Jumpstart, so once you’re done reading this, you can go implement your own #TreatYoSelf moments!

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You’ve heard it a million times….Fail to plan, plan to fail.

So let’s set you up for success with your very own 10-day nutrition plan that is set to your preferences, is based off of your dietary needs, and also allows you to #TreatYoSelf on the daily….cuz after all, that’s the Fueled Physique way, isn’t it?!

Now…here are my own #TreatYoSelf Moments I’ve been loving lately…

Perfect Bars

I’ll typically have half of a Perfect Bar before I workout in the morning or mid-afternoon for a sweet snack. Half is enough to satisfy me since the bar is higher in fat and the taste is just SO good. If the grocery store has them, I’ll buy the Kids bars since they’re smaller (and cheaper!), but the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is my fave! I also like RX Bars (if they’re warm enough to not stick to my teeth) and ONE Bars.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

I’ll usually have one or two of these after lunch. I really like something sweet after I eat lunch and dinner and these do the trick. They’re also much tastier than Reese’s (plz don’t @ me) and they’re higher quality. Like I always say, if your’e gonna #TreatYoSelf, make it high quality and make it worth it. These are worth it! So are the TJ’s Dark Chocolate Mint Creams, and, of course…Mini-Eggs!

Veggie Chips or Popcorn

I always have a bag of some kind of chip in my cabinet. Whether it’s veggies chips (a current fave), Cape Cod chips, Tostitos…I like a little salty crunch from time to time. And no, veggie chips are not healthier than potato chips…they’re just different colored chips ????. And I lovvvvvve me some buttered popcorn!


Alcohol is not a superfood. Yes, that includes red wine. It’s literally poison to the body, lowers inhibitions, disrupts sleep, and can heavily impact our energy and food choices the next day. If you’re not a drinker I don’t recommend you start as a healthy habit (again…red wine is not a healthy choice- it’s still alcohol and you can get antioxidants from fruit). For me 1-2 glasses 1-2 times per week is the sweet spot. That way I still get to enjoy it, and it won’t negatively impact my goals or physique.

Hope this was helpful for you, and don’t forget to grab your 10-Day Fueled Up Nutrition Jumpstart here!