Mental Toughness in 3 Steps

You want to eat better, feel better, look better…but it can feel SO HARD to not only get started, but to keep moving forward once you’ve even wrangled up the courage to start can feel even harder!

The truth is, a living a consistent healthy lifestyle takes mental toughness.

It’s easy to talk ourselves out of doing what we know is the right thing.

It’s easier to lay on the couch instead of going for a walk.

It’s easier to order pizza than it is to cook a healthy meal at home.

But it’s really hard to be constantly at war with food and your body and feel like crap.

I want to give you a few tools you can use today to up your mental toughness and get your mind in the game so you can stick to your new healthy lifestyle routine with ease (click here to get the Fueled Up Bundle to help you get started!).

1. Quit Self-Limiting Beliefs

It’s pretty hard to be mentally tough when you’re constantly beating yourself up. Here are some examples of things I used to tell myself back when I was my own worst enemy:

“I’m not smart enough…”
“No one will hire me as their trainer if I look like this!”
“I’ve tried that before and I failed, so I must just be bad at it…”

The best tool I discovered to overcome these kind of thoughts is what I like to call flipping the script.

When I would have a limiting belief pop up in my mind, I’d remind myself that it’s not true and then back it with some positive affirmations:

“I am smart enough; I might just need to ask for a little help at first.”
“I might not have six pack abs, but who cares? My clients certainly don’t because I know my stuff and I know how to get them results.”
“Just because I failed at this last time doesn’t mean I’m going to fail this time. How can I make this easier for myself? What didn’t go so well for me last time that I can change?”

You have to be your own biggest cheerleader if you want to live a healthy lifestyle with ease. Wholeheartedly bet on yourself, and watch your results skyrocket!

2. Quit the All-or-Nothing Thinking

All-or-nothing thinking basically means thinking in extremes. You’re all in or totally out. You’re on track or off the wagon. If you’re not perfect, then you’re a failure.

But here’s the deal… If you’re trying to lose 30 pounds and only lost 28, isn’t that still better than not losing any weight at all? I’d say so! Plus, if you just go #2, you’ll probably drop those 2 extra pounds immediately anyway ????

When you recognize an all-or-nothing thought popping up, remember to look for the positive in the situation. What was the best thing you got out of the situation? What would you have missed out on had you not tried? Could you do better if you were to try again?

3. Quit Dwelling

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we react.

When we dwell, feel sorry for ourselves, and complain, we waste massive amounts of energy that we could be using to do something more fulfilling.

The next time something bad happens, allow yourself to feel the disappointment and frustration, but then ask yourself “what can I do about it to make me feel better and put me back in my power?”

The faster you can focus on the positives and move past the problem, the quicker you can get back to achieving success.

So there you have it – the three most effective ways to help you get (and keep) your mind right so you can live a healthy lifestyle with a lot more ease and a lot less frustration!

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