Ep. 019 – How to #TreatYoSelf and Stop After a Few Bites

We’ve all been there, myself included.

We start following a diet and after a few days make one single slip-up or veer “off plan” and find ourselves saying screw it then eat allllll the food.

While this way of thinking is certainly really common, it also keeps us struggling and makes sense whatsoever if we wanna get some results.

Making one “off” food choice and then saying, “Screw it!” and eating with abandon is like getting one flat tire and slashing the other three because the damage has already been done! I mean…you’d never do that, right?

In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to not let things spiral by giving you 2 tools you can use to quit this all or nothing mindset when it comes to food.

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Four months from now you could be telling a totally different story.