Ep. 015 – What’s Your ONE Thing?

Welcome to Day 4 of the New Year Blitz podcast series where I’m going to help you create goals you can actually achieve this year with as little stress and craziness as possible! If you missed the first three days of this series, be sure to check them out after this episode.

Today we’re going to talk about the importance of drilling down your big goal to just ONE simple action step. Of all the methods I use with my clients, this is the one I get the most pushback on. Because it can feel like if we’re not doing ALL THE THINGS, nothing is gonna change.

But one of the biggest things that keep people stuck and in inaction is trying to change too much, too fast.

In this episode you’ll hear a story about a client of mine who went from binge eating in her car every day to not only stopping the habit, but also started exercising and dropped 6 pounds in the process, all because she focused on ONE thing.