Ep. 022 – Emotional Eating – The Triple A Method

It’s the million dollar question: How do I stop eating my feelings?

There are a lot of reasons why we emotionally eat – and you’re about to get to work on identifying why you engage in this behavior – but at it’s core, emotional eating is a results of trying to numb an undesired feeling.

Instead of sitting with the sadness, stress, anxiety, anger, happiness, etc., our body signals an urge to eat in order to seek comfort and relief.

Soon enough, that urge becomes all-consuming and it’s all we can think about until we have that food and feel it fill up our bellies.

And sometimes food does make us feel better. But it’s only a momentary sense of relief – then the guilt, regret and shame comes in which layers on top of the feelings you were trying to numb out in the first place…then it’s a big old mess!

In this episode I’m talking about my Triple A Method and teaching you the exact steps you need to take to manage emotional eating better. Grab your paper and pen because you’re gonna want to take notes!

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