Ep. 031 – Declutter Your Home & Mind

When was the last time you decluttered, did a physical deep clean, and cleared out your space (or hired someone else to do it)?⁣

Since so many of us are still working from home, exercising at home, grocery shopping from home, doing alllllllll the things from HOME, it’s essential that our space is a place we love to be.⁣

One of my favorite things to do is declutter.⁣

A cluttered home = an anxious mind (studies prove it, actually).⁣

And when we’re anxious, overwhelmed, and feeling cluttered, guess what we don’t do very well?⁣

Eat, exercise, sleep and manage stress.⁣

That’s why keeping your physical environment clear and uncluttered is SO important.⁣

In today’s new podcast episode, we’re not just going to talk about decluttering. I’m also going to walk you through my cleaning routine, and how I maintain a pretty neat and tidy space on the regular.⁣ It’s SO simple to make your home a place you love and feel good in, whether you live alone, or not.⁣