Ep. 055 – 2 Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Want to Keep Making

When it comes to body transformation, we tend to think “eat less, exercise more!” So we sign up for all the fitness classes, start running, spend hours each week in the gym…but that’s not the solution.

The eat less, exercise more advice can work at first, but if you’re spending hours on the treadmill, your body will eventually adapt, meaning you’ll have to start going longer and harder and spend more time on the treadmill.

Who has the time?

In this episode, I’m giving you suggestions for how to shift your workouts to be more inline with not just your goals, but your body’s metabolism, so you can start getting some results already!

Enrollment opens up TOMORROW (8/24) for my 6-week transformation challenge where I’m going to help you get your nutrition protocol all squared away. We’ll be sure you’re eating enough food to stay satisfied, eating the right kinds of foods, and make sure you’re eating solid portions of protein at every meal. On top of that, we’re going to get your fitness habits squared away (because those HIIT workouts 5x/wk aren’t doing you any favors) and we’ll get your mind right so you can focus on the things that matter (bye bye calorie counting), stay consistent, and start getting some results that will last.

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