Meet Kelsey!

Kelsey is has been with me from day one. When we were talking about the fact that we’ve been working together for SIX AND A HALF YEARS (!!!!) she mentioned not knowing if it was a good thing for people to know or not. I told her I thought it was a great thing because it shows the value of sticking with ONE THING! So often people jump from program to program, coach to coach, diet to diet, and they wind up frustrated that they aren’t getting results. The truth is, no one gives themselves enough time to truly determine if somethings works for them or not. They quit as soon as it gets hard, as soon as life gets in the way. OR they get results and think “meh, I’ll try something different” then lose their results they worked so hard for! Not Kelsey. She found what works for her and stuck with it. She keeps showing up, keeps doing the work and the transformation this lady has made is one I couldn’t be prouder of if I tried.

How long have you been working with Lauren?
Six and a half years!

What programs have you done?
I started with Lifestyle Makeover and have done too many programs to count since then, both group programs and 1:1.

What did your fitness & nutrition habits look like before working with Lauren?
I had no idea how to read my hunger or fullness cues, I forced myself to eat every bite on my plate, I had an all-or-nothing mindset around working out and nutrition, I had no self-esteem, and I was wrestling with severe body images issues. If I opened a bag of chips, I would eat the whole thing in one sitting and then feel awful about myself and wonder what was wrong with me.

What are some of the most impactful changes you’ve made since you started working with Lauren?
Since I started working with Lauren, I have become so much more balanced in life. I am able to eat healthy meals and enjoy treats freely without feeling any guilt. I have grown out of my all-or-nothing mindset and don’t beat myself up over being imperfect. I am more confident in my body and I can tell when I am hungry and full! I am in a healthier place mentally and understand better how to take care of my body physically without neglecting or abusing it. I understand that something is better than nothing and I can celebrate my wins, even if they are small. I know how to fuel my body properly without having to count or measure anything or feel deprived.

What are you most proud of?
I am so proud of how hard I have worked to let go of my need to be perfect (or, rather, my fear of NOT being perfect). I LOVE feeling free to eat and move as I please and having the desire to fuel my body properly and move it regularly. Learning how to read my own hunger and fullness cues has been an absolute game changer. I am also proud of the fact that I now understand scarcity and abundance mindsets as well as emotional eating, and have learned the tools to navigate myself through stressful and emotional situations.

What would you say to someone who is hesitant to join the Total Transformation Mentorship or is intimidated by the time/financial commitment?
I would say 1) Slow and steady wins the race and 2) There is no investment more important than your health (both mental and physical). Lauren is someone who helps you to find your footing in a society designed to make you feel like you’re failing with marketing that makes you feel like you need to be “fixed”. The messages we take in every day affect us deeply. If learning how to listen to your body and live healthily and happily is your goal, Lauren is the coach you want to use to shake the negative messages out of your head and replace them with thoughts and habits that will make you feel like your best self – not in 30 days, but for the rest of your life. Being in the group with other women has been so helpful, too. I get to learn from their questions (and their coaching from Lauren) as well as my own, and the accountability, support, and personal responsibility we all learn (so you really do feel like you’re in charge of your own life) is unmatched.

What are you excited to keep working on in your health journey?
I look forward to incorporating new recipes now that I understand how to balance my plate, and I am excited to find a balanced workout routine that I can maintain consistently through the craziness that is life.

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