Be a part of the 12%

88% of people will gain an average of 6 pounds this holiday season.

And it’s not like that’s the end of the world, but it also doesn’t feel great to see the scale go up – especially when it didn’t need to happen.

Think about it- holiday stress, along with all the high-calorie treats, travel, cookie swaps, and celebrations- it’s so easy to let our healthy habits fly out the window.

That’s why in this the Aim to Maintain 8-week challenge, you’re going to embrace moderation and mindfulness so you can avoid the holiday weight gain while also enjoying yourself.

Throughout the Aim to Maintain Challenge, you’ll learn to balance enjoying the seasonal festivities without having to stress about overdoing it on the food or wine.

The goal of  ATM is to help you thrive over the holidays with daily coaching, guidance and support. You’ll learn to embrace moderation, fuel your body well, move your body consistently, and get some pretty awesome results while you’re at it.

Results like:

  • Fitting into your clothes more comfortably than you have all year
  • Not being scared of overeating or overdrinking to cope with the stress of the holidays or life in general
  • Feeling energized and fueled all day instead of raiding the snack cabinet every afternoon
  • Moving your body consistently and having fun while doing it
  • Being supported, seen, and heard, by a group of women who will lift you up when you need it and will support you when you need it

Over the 8 weeks, you’ll get everything you need to stay consistent with your exercise & nutrition habits so you can enter the new year feeling AMAZING, instead of sluggish, stressed and feeling like you need to start over on January 1st.

In this challenge, you’ll get:

✔️ Daily Access to a Private Slack Group: What’s better than a group of kickass women who want to see you win? Our private Slack group will connect you other women so that you’ll never, ever feel alone on this journey. This group is also where you’ll get coached by me.

✔️ Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: Each Wednesday at noon I’ll hold open office hours via Zoom for you to come in, ask your questions, and get any extra support or coaching you might need.

✔️ Daily Mini-Challenges: These challenges are fun and really simple so that even if you do nothing else for your health that day, you’ll be able to say you did those 50 squats or drank that green smoothie!

✔️ New Workouts Each Month: Who doesn’t love new workouts that are challenging, quick and fun? You’ll get a PDF download with workouts, a workout schedule and a workout tracker so you’ll know exactly how to move your body each day!

✔️ Access to a private Challenge Portal: This is where you’ll find recipes, the LBC “Netflix” channel, and additional resources for the challenge.

✔️ Two Group Coaching Calls: These calls are magic. You’ll get the chance to can talk about your goals, get coached by me, and hear from the other ladies in the group.

Here’s how to join the challenge:

The cost to join the Aim to Maintain Challenge is $297 for all 8 weeks or you can select the payment plan for $179/mo for two months.

Click the button below to make your payment. After that, you’ll get and email from me (be sure to check spam/promotions) giving you all the next steps!

I’m Lauren, your Aim to Maintain coach!

I created the ATM challenge because I often hear that winter is the hardest season for a lot of women, health-wise, and I wanted to create a solution to that.

This challenge won’t take over your life, it won’t take a ton of extra time, and the mini-challenges are so simple you’ll be able to almost seamlessly work them into your day-to-day life with just a little extra intention.

My goal for everyone who joins ATM is to be able to slip into the new year with ease, instead of feeling like they need to start over and give Keto, Whole 30, or WW another go – cuz let’s be honest – those programs are anything but easy.

I’ll be right there with you every day in our private Slack group to answer your questions, cheer you on, and keep you motivated. All you have to do is show up!

I can tell you all day long how awesome this program is – but I want you to hear it from my clients, too:

“Through the Aim to Maintain challenge and working with Lauren since, I was able to set realistic goals for myself and absolutely CRUSH them along the way. Today I can say that I eat to fuel my workouts and feel good in my body, I have a strength training schedule that I LOVE, and both of those things give me so much energy to enjoy the rest of my life. My biggest win is that I feel comfortable in my body (most days!) and am able to celebrate my strengths, both physically and mentally, which creates so much space for success in other areas of my life. The best part? Lauren promised it’d be lots of fun, and she definitely did not disappoint.” – Meredith

“My favorite part of this group is having a place where I can 24/7 either post my wins, or post my struggles.   There’s always someone to give reassurance and support in the group, whether it is Lauren or one of the other wonderful women.  There’s power in just getting thoughts out into the universe.” – Julia

“For years I said that I wanted to heal my relationship with food but I don’t know that I ever really knew what that meant until I started this program. I no longer look at food and drinks as a reward for white-knuckling through a day, and fully enjoy eating and drinking because it tastes good, makes me happy, and gives me the energy I need to live my life.” – Elena

This is your chance to stay ahead of the game as we close out 2021.

Remember, when you join the Aim to Maintain Challenge you’ll get everything you need to have a crazy successful 8 weeks including workouts and nutrition guidelines PLUS access to a coach and a group of motivating and supportive women with similar goals to you!

If you have questions before you join, just shoot me an email – – and we’ll chat!