50% OFF all DIY Programs until Sunday, July 29th at midnight PST

It’s been 4 years since I made the leap and took on my virtual coaching business full time!

To celebrate, I’m running a special sale on all of my do-it-yourself programs!

I’ve put my structured fitness, nutrition and mindset programs at a 50% off discount from now until this Friday, July 29th at midnight PST.

Below is a run-down of each program so you can select the option(s) that are best for you!

Happy shopping!

Mindful Eating Mentorship – $79 This 6-week course is for anyone who wants to create a healthy lifestyle of nutrition that’s fun and easy, wants to feel less stress about food and quiet the negative self talk so food can stop running their life. You’ll get a new pre-recorded training sent directly to your inbox every week for 6 weeks tackling topics like how to think about food less, how to eat for satisfaction instead of stressing about calories and points, handling social situations and food pushers, how to have a couple cookies and be done instead of eating the whole box, becoming a more mindful eater, and how to like what you eat! You’ll walk away feeling much more in control around food and a lot more confident about what and why you’re eating. This is a MUST GRAB for those who struggle with obsessive food thoughts & can’t seem to put the chip bag down once they start.

Straight Up Strength Workouts -$29 – This is a 12-week strength training program for intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts. The goal is to change the shape of the body by gaining muscle, burning fat and getting more definition. You’ll need access to dumbbells (medium & heavy) and the workouts can be done at home or the gym. Each workout takes less than 40 minutes & every exercise is hyperlinked to an exercise tutorial so you can check form. The workouts also include modifications for those who need lower impact movements. There is a suggested workout plan included for both those looking to get back into strength training and those who are looking to kick things up a notch as well as a workout calendar included.

Beat the Bloat 5-day System – $29 – This program is a nutrition reset to help you look and feel less puffy and bloated, and start getting some really healthy, high-quality foods in your body and start cutting down on cravings for highly-processed foods. It’s not a cleanse or a detox, rather a tool you can use to see how amazing you can feel when you fuel your body well, no starving required. This program comes complete with a meal plan plus recipes that are super simple & quick to make and is perfect to use after an indulgent vacation, before a special event, or just to feel your best!

Diet Audits – $99 – This is the big one! You fill out a quick questionnaire so I can get to know you and your goals better & track your food for 5-days, then I give you feedback on exactly what you need to add, change, or do differently to get to your goals faster! You also get one week of email support from me after I give you your feedback, so if you’re looking for a deep dive into your nutrition habits without a long coaching commitment, grab your Diet Audit now!

This massive sale ends on Friday, July 29th at midnight PST so jump on these deals now!

Hi! I’m Lauren – full-time personal trainer turned virtual holistic health coach & nutritionist.  I’ve helped hundreds of high-achieving women become stronger, both mentally and physically, through exercise and simple nutrition strategies.

My passion is helping women quit the dieting cycle and start automating their healthy habits so they have more time for other things that bring them joy and fulfillment.

I help women realize that it’s okay to be human, to make mistakes, to not know what they’re doing, and to feel a little lost when it comes to nutrition, exercise, body change and well, life – because honestly, no one has ever taught us how it should be done in a healthy, sane, sustainable way.

But that changes now.

My mission is to help women break the dieting cycle so they can build confidence and self-trust to change their relationship with food and their body for the better. My clients learn to think themselves fit, rather than simply be told what and how much to eat. They learn to lean into the positives, create the daily habits, and implement the small action steps it takes to get them to their goals. And that means more effective, long-lasting results.

Thank you for being here and for taking advantage of the anniversary sale!