Ep. 045 – Period Power!

During that time of the month do you feel unmotivated? Tired? Hungry? Irritated? All of the above? Same! And….it’s still not an excuse to eat and drink all the things and then lay on the couch! You actually can use your period to your advantage and create a game plan for how to stay on point with your healthy habits, … Read More

Ep. 044 – 3 Fitness Myths That Need to Die

It’s hard to know what to believe. You’re scrolling through IG, see someone with 10k followers and figure they must know what they’re talking about, right?!And sometimes they’re spot on. But more often, they’re just straight up false and often times dangerous So, in this episode we’re talking about three fitness myths that need to die and what to do … Read More

Ep. 043 – Benefits of Emotionally Eating

I had a really interesting convo with a client this week on her coaching call. We talked about emotional eating and why it’s totally OK for that to be one of her go to strategies when things get hard. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! So often we’re told that we shouldn’t use food as a coping strategy, it’s not healthy, it’s wrong, we … Read More

Ep. 042 – 4 Simple Ways to Have a Healthier Summer

Summer means lots of unstructured time, vacations, weekends away, cocktails on the patio, BBQs, kids (if you have them) are home and you’re shuttling them all around town- it’s so easy to let our healthy habits fly out the window. In this episode, I’m going to help you keep your healthy habits on point so you can cruise through Summer … Read More

Ep. 041 – Mastering Self-Control with Food

I did an IG Live last week that I think you’re really going to love! So todays’ episode is the stripped audio from that video. If you want to stop snacking your way throughout the day, feel like no matter what you do you can have chips in the house, and like you can’t ever stick to a healthy eating … Read More

Ep. 039 – Creating a Daily Gratitude Practice with Ease

You hear about gratitude practices all the time, right? And if you haven’t started one yet, you’re about to! In this episode, we’re going to talk about the benefits of a daily gratitude practice and how to start one today – in as little as 15 seconds.

Ep. 038 – How Stress & Anxiety Effect Fat Loss

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, and it’s so easy to let a stressful time in our lives deter our healthy eating and exercise habits. So, how do we stay consistent with healthy habits when it feels like sh*t is hitting the fan? In this episode, I’m giving you 7 ideas.

Ep. 037 – Taking Risks & Building Confidence

What’s the best way to feel more confident? TAKE BIG RISKS. In this episode, I’m sharing some of the risks I’ve taken, and sharing how my life has changed for the better because of them. Enjoy!

Ep. 036 – What Happens When Things Start Opening Back Up?

“What am I supposed to do when things start opening up? Like restaurants? Bars? Girls Nights?….ITALIAN FOOD! omggggggg!” Listen – stop panicking. I gotchu. In this podcast episode I’m giving you two solutions to this “problem” and a little bonus tip, too. Download your 10-day Nutrition Jumpstart

Ep. 035 – “I Feel Fat”

In this episode, I talk about what you REALLY mean when you say “I feel fat,” how to stop saying things like that to yourself because they’re not at all helpful, and coming up with some better feeling thoughts.

Ep. 034 – Handling Change

 No one LOVES change. No one thrives in an environment that’s chaotic and always different and always changing BUT change is inevitable, isn’t it? So, in this episode I give you a little ramble on how to come to peace with change and really embrace it instead of fighting against it.

Ep. 033 – Unexpected Ways Stress Affects Your Body

Listen, stress is here to stay. It’s part of life. So the idea isn’t to NEVER feel stressed again (obviously). What I want you to do is learn how to manage it better, both preventatively and in the moment. This is probably the #1 things I help my clients do – manage their stress. Because if they’re running around anxious … Read More

Ep. 032 – How to Build Satisfying Meals

Download my free 10-Day Nutrition Jumpstart here to take the guesswork out of balanced meals and start living your most energetic life NOW! Let’s talk about how to build balanced, satisfying meals. Because I’ve seen enough sad salads to know that you miiiiight need some help in this area. Yes, you want to eat healthy foods. BUT! Those healthy foods … Read More

Ep. 031 – Declutter Your Home & Mind

 When was the last time you decluttered, did a physical deep clean, and cleared out your space (or hired someone else to do it)?⁣ Since so many of us are still working from home, exercising at home, grocery shopping from home, doing alllllllll the things from HOME, it’s essential that our space is a place we love to be.⁣ … Read More

Ep. 030 – Dieting & Dating Series:

The Dieting & Dating series connects the dots between relationships with people and our relationship with food .In episode 5 of the Dating and Dieting series, I’m getting personal. I’m sharing how I called in my current relationship and how I created the nutrition lifestyle that I’ve been implementing for the past 7+ years – and teach you how to … Read More

Ep. 029 – Dating & Dieting Series: Ghosting

The Dieting & Dating series connects the dots between relationships with people and our relationship with food. In episode 4 of the Dating & Dieting Series, I’m talking about GHOSTING – in both the dating world and when it comes to feeling motivated to eat well or exercise.

Ep. 028 – Dating & Dieting Series: One Night Stands

The Dieting & Dating series connects the dots between relationships with people and our relationship with food. In episode 3 of our Dating & Dieting Series, we’re talking about a taboo topic: One Night Stands. I talk about what we’re really seeking when we say yes to a ONS, and how it relates to choosing a cleanse or detox in … Read More

Ep. 027 – Dating & Dieting Series: Love Bombing

The Dieting & Dating series connects the dots between relationships with people and our relationship with food. In episode 2 of the Dieting and Dating series, we’re talking about LOVE BOMBING and how easy it is to fall for a person – or a diet – when they say allllll the right things to hook us in, and, of course, … Read More

Ep. 026 – Dating & Dieting Series: Gaslighting

The Dieting & Dating series connects the dots between relationships with people and our relationship with food. In episode #1 of the Dieting & Dating Series we’re talking about GASLIGHTING in both romantic relationships and diet culture and how to break free!

Ep. 025 – You Are ENOUGH with Dina Scippa

In our first interview episode, we’re chatting with Dina Scippa, founder of Enough Labs. Dina helps women celebrate the BADASS within and rewire their self-talk to gain confidence to create the life of their dreams. And in today’s episode, we talk about how to do just that! You can find Dina on Instagram by clicking here. And don’t forget to … Read More

Ep. 024 – 7 Ways to Get Started Towards Your Health Goals

I speak with women frequently who have made huge, sweeping changes, going all in on diets and exercise routines and as a result, they’ll lose some weight initially…but it never lasts. Eventually they return to their old habits, which isn’t surprising given how restrictive diets usually are. In this episode, I am going to be giving you 7 small habits … Read More

Ep. 023 – Should You Try a Sugar Detox?

I’ve tried it, chances are you’ve tried it, or know lots of people who have tried it, and it sounds like a great idea because if we cut out all sugar, we’ll never have to worry about eating too much chocolate, we’ll become more aware of what’s in our food by reading labels (they add sugar to bread now, FYI), … Read More

Ep. 022 – Emotional Eating – The Triple A Method

It’s the million dollar question: How do I stop eating my feelings? There are a lot of reasons why we emotionally eat – and you’re about to get to work on identifying why you engage in this behavior – but at it’s core, emotional eating is a results of trying to numb an undesired feeling. Instead of sitting with the … Read More

Ep. 021 – How to Put a Stop to Nighttime Eating

 I hear it all the time… “I eat really well during the day then at night I don’t know what happens – it’s like I can’t stop eating”. In this episode, I’m going to give you a little tough love, plus three strategies to help you put a stop to mindless, nighttime eating. If you’re ready to go deeper … Read More

Ep. 020 – Why the Scale is Up Even Though You’re Doing Everything Right

You want to lose weight.⁣ Cool.⁣ But every time you step on the scale you feel disheartened.⁣ You feel like you’re working SO HARD but the scale says otherwise.⁣ There are so many factors contributing to your body weight, and in today’s episode, I’m going to put your mind at ease by giving you 5 reasons why the scale might … Read More

Ep. 019 – 5 Tips to Stay On Track This Weekend

It’s pretty easy to stick with healthy nutrition habits when we’re in our normal routine with structured time, and planned and prepped meals, right? But for lots of women, when the weekend hits, all that effort goes right out the window. And it might not seem like that big of a deal…it’s just a few days, right? Well, not exactly…cuz … Read More

Ep. 019 – How to #TreatYoSelf and Stop After a Few Bites

We’ve all been there, myself included. We start following a diet and after a few days make one single slip-up or veer “off plan” and find ourselves saying screw it then eat allllll the food. While this way of thinking is certainly really common, it also keeps us struggling and makes sense whatsoever if we wanna get some results. Making … Read More

Ep. 018 – 4 Reasons to Stop Counting Calories and What to do Instead

 So how much do calories matter when we want to lose weight? Short answer: A lot. But the good news is you can still lose weight without counting a single calorie. When the goal is fat loss, the only absolute requirement is a caloric deficit. That means we want to burn more calories than we’re taking in. This is … Read More

Ep. 017 – Using Comparison to Your Advantage

I could list hundreds of examples that can get us all stuck and wrapped up in the comparison trap…and they all feel equally as shitty as the next. But there are ways to make those feelings of jealousy and comparison actually work in your favor instead of sending you down the rabbit hole of “poor me.” In today’s episode, I’m … Read More