Meet Alison!

Alison and I have been working together for YEARS! The most fun part of working with Alison for me is watching her personal evolution over the last 6 years. Alison has gone from someone who felt like exercise was punishment to earn her food or work off what she ate, to someone who only wants to get STRONG AF. She … Read More

Meet Elena!

Where do I even start with this one?! I have known Elena for YEARS from back when she and her bestie (who you’ll be hearing from soon!) too my group exercise classes at the YMCA. I had no idea she would turn into one of my strongest, most determined, motivated and successful clients years down the line. When we first … Read More

Meet Kelsey!

Kelsey is has been with me from day one. When we were talking about the fact that we’ve been working together for SIX AND A HALF YEARS (!!!!) she mentioned not knowing if it was a good thing for people to know or not. I told her I thought it was a great thing because it shows the value of … Read More

Meet Hayley!

I remember Hayley signing up for an 8-week nutrition program I was running in August 2020. She had been doing a LOT of work, putting in a LOT of energy, and spending a LOT of time doing programs that just weren’t working for her. She’d lose weight then regain it, felt guilty and scared of eating pasta and pizza and … Read More

Ep. 066 – Decode Your Cravings

Cravings are inevitable – but when they hit, what are you supposed to do? In this podcast I cover: Hunger v Cravings The 3 D’s Method Common causes of cravings & how to handle them Enjoy!

Ep. 065 – Mindful Eating 101

Back in November I ran a free training series called Happy & Healthy for the Holidays. On day one, we covered mindful eating. Now, I know, this is a term that gets thrown around A LOT, but no one really knows what it actually means beyond “listen to your body” (cue the eye roll). In this training, I got into … Read More

Ep. 064 – Thinking Your Way Fit

We’re going to talk about creating your results – any results – with your thoughts. Your thoughts create your life. Plain & simple. Because your THOUGHTS create your feelings, for better or worse. I highly suggest taking out a notebook and pen for this one – it’s an interactive podcast episode, today!. If you want to learn from the woman … Read More

Ep. 063 – How to Start a Meaningful Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is a really powerful (and often overlooked) mindset hack to help you focus on the things in your life that you are grateful for or feel blessed to have. We as humans tend to focus on everything we don’t have yet, things we didn’t get done, all we still have to do. A gratitude practice helps pull your focus … Read More

Ep. 062 – The #1 Mindset Hack to Get to Your Goals Faster

Personal responsibility is one of the deepest forms of self-respect and self-care. Personal Responsibility means taking full ownership of your results, or lack of results. Because it’s true. At the end of the day, YOU choose what to eat, how much to eat, why you’re eating, when you’re eating…that’s all YOUR choice. My own life was transformed when I realized … Read More

Ep. 061 – Your Obsess-Less Pep Talk

Obsession = Stress and we can’t stress our way to a positive result. This is a quickie episode – get ready to feel a boost in motivation and don’t forget to click here and apply for a spot in my 1:1 coaching program. I’ll teach you how to drop the obsession, how to trust yourself and how to get those … Read More

Ep. 060 – 5 Things You Don’t Need for Fat Loss

When a client comes to me and says “I want to lose 10 pounds this month” I know we’re in for a RIDE! The issue isn’t the goal – it’s fine if you want 10 pounds gone, we can do that. But when you focus on things you can’t control (aka the scale), you set yourself up for a lot … Read More

Ep. 059 – When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside

Your meals are spot on. Your clothes are fitting better. You’re more confident. More energetic. Then you see a picture of yourself and you’re like WTF?! Why don’t I look as good as I feel? We’re dissecting this exact question in today’s episode.

Ep. 058 – 4 Ways to Track Progress Without the Scale

It’s OK to be aware of the scale and you don’t have to smash it or throw it away, but it shouldn’t be the only way of tracking progress — especially if every time you get on it, you feel defeated and throw all your hard workout out of the window. In this episode, I’m giving you a few other … Read More

Ep. 057 – If WW Really Worked…

If you want to change the results you have, you absolutely, without a doubt, change the way you *think* about food.⠀ The more you judge yourself, criticize yourself, and stress yourself out about your food choices, the further away you get from your goal.⠀ Like they say, you can’t expect a positive results with a negative mind.⠀ In this episode … Read More

Ep. 056 – Do’s & Don’ts of Body Transformation

We’ve all been there – trying all the quick-fix programs, getting short-lived results, then being right back to square one as quickly as it all started. And those programs are SO tempting because we all want our results yesterday, but (obviously) they aren’t worth the effort. So, to help keep you sane and to help you finally get lasting results, … Read More

Ep. 055 – 2 Fitness Mistakes You Don’t Want to Keep Making

When it comes to body transformation, we tend to think “eat less, exercise more!” So we sign up for all the fitness classes, start running, spend hours each week in the gym…but that’s not the solution. The eat less, exercise more advice can work at first, but if you’re spending hours on the treadmill, your body will eventually adapt, meaning … Read More

Ep. 054 – 3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make to Transform Your Body

When you think body transformation does your brain automatically go to nutrition & exercise? After all, “fat loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise” is drilled into our heads, right? But the BIGGEST piece people miss when they set out on a transformation journey is what’s going on between their ears. We can be our own worst enemy, or our … Read More

Ep. 053 – 3 Nutrition Mistakes You Might Be Making

You have the best intentions when you start a fat loss program. But are the methods you’re trying actually doing more harm than good? Listen to today’s episode to be sure you aren’t making these 3 mistakes!

Ep. 052 – 7 Reasons You Keep Failing

Let me start by saying – FAILURE isn’t a bad thing. It’s a necessary part of the journey to success. And if we can learn to 1) embrace failure, and 2) overcome repeated failures, we’ll get to our end goal even faster. In this episode, I cover 7 big reasons why you’re not where you want to be yet and … Read More

Ep. 051 – I went sugar-free for 30 days – here’s what happened

You know I LOVE all things sugar. Cookies, candy, pastries, donuts, alllllll the things! So why on Earth would I challenge myself with cutting all that out when I’ve come so far in terms of eating them moderately and mindfully? I’m spilling all the details in today’s episode!

Ep. 050 – Why Chocolate is ESSENTIAL for Fat Loss

 How do we know when we’re experiencing a true craving we want to satisfy or when its’ just mindless eating/giving into the “well everything is allowed so I’m going to each chocolate and ice cream and chips and cheese all afternoon because I can!” mentality? You know by now I love my sweets – and my clients do too. … Read More

Ep. 049 – My #1 Tip to Jumpstart Fat Loss

Someone recently asked me what my #1 tip was for someone wanting to start their fat loss journey, and since I told them, I thought it was only fair to tell you, too! Enjoy!

Ep 048 – Getting Your Partner On Board with Your Goals

Something a lot of my clients have been experiencing lately is pushback from their partner about their eating and drinking habits. Whether it’s “we have to eat together!” or “come on just have another drink with me” it can feel frustrating and like the person you love the most is trying to sabotage your efforts. In today’s episode, I’m giving … Read More

Ep. 047 – Why “I Deserve It” is Sabotaging Your Progress

This is a juicy one today! We’re breaking down the idea of “I deserve it” when it comes to food and looking at restriction in a completely different way. We’re talking about your toddler brain and your adult brain, and why restriction isn’t always a bad thing. Enjoy!

Ep. 046 – My New Take on Alcohol

A couple months ago I found myself sitting on the couch each night with a glass of wine, then waking up the next morning feeling like garbage. I tried everything I could think of to make myself feel better – aside from not drinking wine. I didn’t want to stop drinking all together. But I did want to feel more … Read More

Ep. 045 – Period Power!

During that time of the month do you feel unmotivated? Tired? Hungry? Irritated? All of the above? Same! And….it’s still not an excuse to eat and drink all the things and then lay on the couch! You actually can use your period to your advantage and create a game plan for how to stay on point with your healthy habits, … Read More

Ep. 044 – 3 Fitness Myths That Need to Die

It’s hard to know what to believe. You’re scrolling through IG, see someone with 10k followers and figure they must know what they’re talking about, right?!And sometimes they’re spot on. But more often, they’re just straight up false and often times dangerous So, in this episode we’re talking about three fitness myths that need to die and what to do … Read More

Ep. 043 – Benefits of Emotionally Eating

I had a really interesting convo with a client this week on her coaching call. We talked about emotional eating and why it’s totally OK for that to be one of her go to strategies when things get hard. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! So often we’re told that we shouldn’t use food as a coping strategy, it’s not healthy, it’s wrong, we … Read More

Ep. 042 – 4 Simple Ways to Have a Healthier Summer

Summer means lots of unstructured time, vacations, weekends away, cocktails on the patio, BBQs, kids (if you have them) are home and you’re shuttling them all around town- it’s so easy to let our healthy habits fly out the window. In this episode, I’m going to help you keep your healthy habits on point so you can cruise through Summer … Read More

Ep. 041 – Mastering Self-Control with Food

I did an IG Live last week that I think you’re really going to love! So todays’ episode is the stripped audio from that video. If you want to stop snacking your way throughout the day, feel like no matter what you do you can have chips in the house, and like you can’t ever stick to a healthy eating … Read More