The 7-Day STAAC Challenge

February 22 – March 1

One week to get your control back over any food, any time, anywhere.

You know the story – you see those dark chocolate covered pretzels at Trader Joe’s and think “I can do it this time!” feeling so confident – then before you even hit park in the driveway, the bag is half gone. So….might as well finish them off because clearly you’re not capable of handling them!

Sound familiar?

That used to be me, too.


It’s in an exact situation like this where my signature STAAC Method comes in so handy, and inside of the *free* STAAC Challenge, you’re going to learn exactly how it’s done.

This challenge is designed to help you stop at enough when it comes to sweets & treats instead of always overeating.

STAAC works 100% of the time when it is applied correctly – and it’s SO SIMPLE.

My clients and I love to STAAC and it has single handedly changed the way we think about those once perceived “trigger foods, resulting in  feeling more in control over how much we eat. Check out some of my clients experiences with the STAAC Method:




I’m telling you – STAAC WORKS! If you’re struggling with stopping at enough when it comes to chocolate, chips, cookies, candy, or literally any other food, you need to learn the STAAC Method – like…now, because it’s a game changer.

The details:

▪ We’ll kick off with a quickie training/workshop all about the STAAC Method on Tuesday, February 22nd at 7pm EST. We’ll go over the what, why and how of STAAC, then I’ll stick around to answer your questions. The replay will be available and sent out immediately after the live training if you can’t join us live.

▪ You will get 7 days of coaching support from me via Slack (a free group coaching app), so I can check in on you, answer any questions you have, and make sure things are going well for you. I’ll be right at your fingertips for 7 entire days to answer any and all questions and help you troubleshoot things in real time.

▪ You’ll walk away from these 7 days with a majorly improved relationship with food and feel like you’ve totally got your power back over those damn chips and that ice cream you used to feel so powerless over.

This challenge is for anyone – man or woman – who answers YES to one or more of the following statements:

✔️ You have trouble controlling yourself around certain foods

✔️ You struggle to say NO to more food (ex: appetizers, dessert) or another round of drinks when everyone else is saying yes

✔️ You tend to overeat in social situations or when you’re out of your usual routine

✔️ You keep promising you’ll ‘do better’ tomorrow/next week/after a stressful time ends

✔️ You want to learn how to achieve balance with foods vs feeling like “I can’t keep them in my house”

The best thing about STAAC is how easy it is, but aside from that, it only take 10 minutes and no one will even know you’re doing it! STAAC is like your own little mindful eating secret that you can rely on 24/7/365 to get you through any sticky food situation where it feels like overeating is inevitable.

Hi, I’m Lauren, your STAAC Challenge coach.

I wanted to put this challenge together because I know what it’s like to totally powerless over food.  Years ago, I was binge eating daily and felt like I had zero self-control around most foods – even foods I didn’t really like. Pop-tarts, chips, Nutella, peanut butter, cookies, donuts, pizza – basically anything that wasn’t protein or fruits & veg, I’d overeat.

I always thought another diet was the answer – as if the next round of the South Beach Diet or the Special K Diet held the key to my success.

It wasn’t until, one night while sitting on the couch post-binge, I remember thinking “I’m going to have to figure out how to live like this forever. How can I keep this gross secret from my friends and family? How do people live like this?” Then the thought of “or you can try something different” came from, I swear to God, God himself.

I immediately went to Google and typed in “Why can’t I stop eating food even though I’m not hungry” and it opened up a whole new world for me. Binge eating wasn’t even in my vocabulary at the time, so I was starting from ground zero.

Ever since then, I’ve dedicated myself to this work of helping woman learn the tools and strategies needed to overcome their own food hang ups and re-write old food narratives. I want women to experience the other side of the fence -the food freedom side.

And The STAAC Challenge is your very first step.

The STAAC Method is by far the best tool I’ve created to help my clients stop at enough and not overdo it when it comes to chips, cookies, and even wine, and this is exactly what I’m going to teach you in the STAAC Challenge. This one simple tool will completely transform the way you think and feel about food for the better, and it works 100% of the time when you apply it correctly.

Honestly, STAAC is SO SIMPLE you’ll be wondering why you haven’t heard of it already or thought of it yourself.

Sign up for the STAAC Challenge below for *free* and watch your life change.

After you click the button above and plug in your name and email address, I’ll be inside of your inbox within 15 minutes with all your next steps! If you have any questions about The STAAC Challenge, just email me at