1:1 Coaching Client Testimonials

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Christine A

“I was at a point where I felt like I was going in circles with health goals…focused for a bit and saw results but not consistent and then soon enough always feeling like I ended up back where I started or else two steps behind.  I wanted to end the cycle once and for all and I liked the idea of having someone who could help me set a plan that’s customized to me and support & help keep me accountable along the way. I also loved her philosophy on no food being “bad” or “off-limits” and finding a way to enjoy the foods I like to eat in a way that would still lead to results. This was the life I wanted to live and I felt confident that working with Lauren 1:1 would be the best first step forward to build the mindset and lifestyle I wanted. 

I had never done any 1:1 coaching prior to joining Lauren’s program so I wasn’t sure what to expect going in.  I learned about her from a friend of a friend followed her on social media. Her friendly and position personality along with her content/mindset really resonated with me and so it seemed as though she could be the perfect fit to help me really focus on and stick to the health goals I wanted to make.   The main things I was hoping to walk away with was a more healthy mindset around food – no foods being off limits (hello, ice cream!) and learning that I can indulge in delicious food with not overdoing it every time, as well as being mindful of the choices I make and working to be more consistent with both what I was eating and working out to reap results.

The program definitely exceeded my expectations! I learned so much about myself and the goals that are truly important to me, how to achieve them, and tools I can use when I hit bumps along the way.  I have a much more positive relationship with the food I put in my body and no longer feel like I need to completely deprive myself of foods I feared over-doing it with. The mindset shift is a wonderful thing and Lauren’s constant reminder of that helped immensely! I walked away from all of my 1:1 coaching sessions with Lauren feeling energized and ready to tackle anything that came my way. I so appreciated that she always kept it real – acknowledging that no one is perfect and always talking me through whatever situation that was impacting my plan (be it mental, physical, or just the normal day-to-day life).  She was also the best cheerleader and her excitement when things were going well and validation when I needed it helped me a lot. And beyond the above Lauren basically supported me in any wellness aspect I could’ve hoped for, from giving me suggestions for quick & easy dinners during a stressful work week, workouts when I needed a quick fix at the gym and couldn’t get to a full class (my preference), to suggesting I journal and prompts to get me started, in order to help me get through an especially stressful and overwhelming time that was impacting me emotionally & physically as I prepared to move 3k miles from home for the first time (I learned even a few minutes does my body & mind more good than I ever thought it could!).  

I would absolutely recommend Lauren’s program! 1:1 coaching I’d say is best for those really wanting to focus on their goals and to put in the work – but working with Lauren made it so much more manageable to navigate – and fun! It’s definitely an investment in yourself and is worth it if you’re ready to get super clear on what you want, what you have to do to get you there, and put it all in action with a master-of-all support system along the way!”

Jessica A.

“I had been trying so many different programs for ages with little, no, or yoyo-ing results but what finally got me to try something completely different was that I wanted to feel amazing on my wedding day. 

Lauren takes the time to personalize the support she provides to best match each client’s individual need. And most importantly, when those needs change she readily adapts the type of support and guidance she provides. 

My biggest takeaway was that being healthier in my everyday life doesn’t require strict deprivation- just thoughtful planning!

I would definitely recommend Lauren as a coach and I shared my experiences and successes with my maid of honor – I told her about the customized support, the daily access and accountability. She also signed up to be a 1:1 client!”

Alison G.

” I’ve tried many times to lose weight and have been successful for a period of time, but the results have never lasted. My rational brain has known for quite some time that it’s all because of mindset, but a part of me kept thinking that it was because I wasn’t trying hard enough or didn’t have enough willpower or strength. This absolutely is not true! In the last year I’ve been forced to face a lot of things that I’ve been struggling with. I got to a point where I realized there really is never going to be an ideal time to work on me. I could put it off forever or make excuses or try to sign up for things only to give up partway through. I finally reached a point where I decided no more excuses. Only I have the power to really make changes in my life and I can choose to go full in knowing that I would have to commit to work hard. I’ve liked what Lauren had to say for quite some time, but I needed to actively and fully commit to change and stop making excuses.

I expected I would work hard, but I do not think I realized all the ways that I would need to work hard. I knew that I wanted to change my mindset and lose fat, but I didn’t expect for my goals or the wins I celebrated to be quite what they are now. I have completely and utterly changed the way I talk to myself and the way I think about myself and the choices I make.

I honestly thought I knew what to expect, but I did not realize how many changes I would make to my mindset. I do not know how much weight I’ve lost or the number of inches off my waist or what percentage of fat is currently in my body, but that’s really not what is important. Instead I have completely changed my mindset and developed sustainable habits that I continue to prioritize on a daily basis months after I started – this has never happened with anything I have every tried to do (not just nutrition and fitness, but literally everything). I have a newfound compassion towards myself, because I am doing everything I can to feel good and healthy and happy. I’m not perfect by any means, but I continue to work hard to focus on me and be happy and healthy. I recently went through a checklist of healthy behaviors and it is amazing to discover the number of behaviors that I consistently do on an almost daily basis. There are behaviors that would take a ton of effort in the past, but now are second nature for me. This is because I worked incredibly hard mentally to engage in these habits, to remember why I am doing them, and to talk to myself in a compassionate way when things are hard. The amazing part of this process is that I turned to Lauren to work on body image and to be healthy, but the skills I’ve learned are useful and absolutely essential in almost every aspect of my life.

This was not an easy process, but it is absolutely life changing. The saying that you will get out of something what you put into it has never been more relevant than with Lauren’s program. I worked harder on myself than I ever had and am eternally thankful that I made the choice to do so and that Lauren was there for me to work with. The main goal of working with Lauren is not to lose a certain number of pounds or build muscle – you can do that anywhere. With Lauren you will gain the skills you need to approach any obstacle or challenge that comes your way. In the long run that means that you will achieve your weight goals, but you will get so much more. Be prepared to work hard and get all the benefits. Make sure you make the choice to work as hard as you can to challenge yourself and grow – it is absolutely worth it.”

Lisa D.

“I started working with Lauren on a free challenge.  I really liked it. The workouts were challenging and quick, and I learned some things about nutrition.  When I completed the free program, Lauren offered a small group binge eating program. It was a reasonable price.  Binge eating was one of my issues. It was 8 weeks. When I completed it, I was feeling confident and in control. Lauren and I spoke after and I made the decision to join her private online membership. I have been with that group for a couple of years and was still struggling with consistency.  I decided it was time to take control. That is when I started working 1:1 with Lauren!

I knew I had to get to work and conquer my consistency issue first.  If I couldn’t learn to be consistent, I would never get healthy. I need to eat right and workout regularly.  My ultimate goal was weight loss.  

I’d absolutely recommend working with Lauren one on one. Lauren is great!  She never gives up on me even when I give up on myself!

I would tell anyone wanting to work with Lauren that if they are ready to get serious for the long term, drop the quick fixes or standard programs that have failed you in the past?  Take a step forward and join Lauren! It’s worth every penny. I don’t know what I would Do without her!”

Laura B.

“I decided to sign up for one-on-one coaching because I was tired of feeling bad about the way that I looked and felt and after trying everything else, I didn’t know what else to do. It was either hire Lauren or buy new clothes, which I didn’t want to do!

I expected it to be a total upheaval of my and my family’s life. My husband especially was supportive but reticent – he has been with me when starting a bunch of different diets that end up negatively affecting him (primarily by forcing him to eat something he doesn’t want to eat or make a separate dinner every night). But it didn’t end up being like that at all! There were definitely some dinners that have fallen out of rotation – but from the consistent to occasional category. Nothing is off limits with Lauren. In fact, he ended up liking it because I wouldn’t devour a bag of chips or cookies before he even got one. Lauren taught me to be very conscious about what I’m eating, especially when it comes to snacking (my big downfall, previously). So now, a bag of cookies lasts much longer in our house!

This program exceeded my expectations! I learned a lot about myself – both who I am now and who I could be without being a slave to food, the scale, calorie counting, etc. I learned a lot about respecting myself and making choices that represent that.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for support making a change in their life. Lauren is so easy to talk to and understanding, but also is able to give you a kick in the butt when you need it. Her positive attitude and high expectations worked really well for me and I responded well to it. I looked forward to our regular calls!”

Diana A.

I joined 1:1 Coaching because I realized I deserve to invest in myself and really get to the root of my issues around food and body image. I was not very kind to myself and would constantly say negative things when looking in the mirror, and Lauren helped me work through that and reframe my thoughts. Nutrition-wise, I wanted to start by proving to myself that I could maintain a weight rather than dieting for a month then gaining the weight back, and Lauren helped me with that as well. I went from eating tortilla chips and salsa for dinner probably a few times a week to eating balanced meals and still being able to treat myself.

I actually sought Lauren out as a personal trainer a few years ago when she worked at my gym. From what I had seen/knew about her, I knew she wouldn’t let me slack off, and that’s really what I needed – someone to push me and help me figure out the best way to work out for my body. Soon after, I joined her program and this translated into personalized work outs that I felt comfortable doing on my own, whether I was at the gym, at home or traveling.

I always saw other programs as more of “quick fixes” and generic, whereas Lauren’s coaching program is tailored to the client and sustainable. I learned HOW to make good choices rather than be told what to do or eat. And she was always there to remind me of things that I “should” know when I forgot.

My biggest wins were learning how to still eat my favorite foods without stress, and drastically decreasing negative self-talk. Bringing in more positivity and decreasing stress has made a huge difference, and it really helped to have Lauren there to guide me.

I would highly recommend working with Lauren because she has a lot of knowledge and genuinely wants to see her clients succeed. She keeps her clients accountable by checking in about workouts, nutrition, etc. She always makes herself available, always has an answer to any question, and never judges!

Kate L.

“I first got to know Lauren as my personal trainer at the YMCA.  She very quickly endeared herself to me both professionally and personally.  Her positive attitude is always genuine, her kindness is never fake, and she has a fantastic sense of humor. 

It was so refreshing to encounter a fitness professional who did not demand that I change my body in order to love it.  Lauren actually insisted on the opposite: that for better or worse, my body would never change unless I could learn to love it FIRST.  A difficult challenge, but Lauren made herself available to me every step of the way, going above and beyond what could be expected of a twice-a-week trainer from the Y. 

When she struck out on her own, there was no question that I would be following her.  I have never encountered someone in her field who prioritized mental health right alongside physical health, and that has made all the difference for me, and my relationship to my body.  Because of Lauren, I can proudly say that I am the healthiest I have ever been, in both mind and body.”

Kierstin O.

“I had read a number of Lauren’s blog posts and taken part in a few of her free programs.  The material that she presented resonated deeply. I could tell she had a gift and real insight into overcoming not just dieting habits, but really coming to a place of being comfortable in your own skin.  I was learning and growing from everything I read that she wrote, as well as the things she shared online. I’ve struggled with weight, eating disorders, etc., my whole life and had grown a lot; but there was one last breakthrough a needed in the area of nutrition.

Working with Lauren one on one has been much different that I had expected, but it’s been exactly what I needed.  I feel like the changes I’ve made in my diet have been in a way that I am showing kindness to myself and my body–not hatred or chastisement. This is radically different from any approach I’ve ever taken.  I feel like it’s brought healing to my relationship with myself. I am choosing much healthier foods and they taste much better than the junk I was choosing before. I still have flavored creamer in my coffee and desserts here and there.  But I’m also enjoying spinach and carrots and lots of water!

Side note: weight loss wasn’t one of my main goals–and I had to keep reminding myself of that.  My main goal was to have more energy and take better care of my body. With the changes I’ve made, weight is coming off (it feels like it’s very slowly), but my body is definitely much different than it was three months ago.  I am so grateful because I know that the weight is coming off in a way that it will stay off. I guess this is called trusting the process and keeping the course when you don’t physically see results right away.  

I would definitely recommend working with Lauren! Her material and insight has changed my life.  It has brought about a paradigm shift of sorts for me in how I view food and taking care of myself. It’s an investment and it takes time, but it is changing my life (and my family’s life) in a really good way!!”

Nicole M.

“I decided to sign up for coaching because I needed a reboot! I’ve always enjoyed exercise and eating healthy, but I never obsessed over it. That all changed when I joined a gym a couple of years ago where the focus was simply not on the right thing – I came out of that experience with shame and guilt over every choice I made that wasn’t “good,” and I developed body image issues I had never had before. I joined Lauren’s 1:1 coaching to shake all of that and get back to being myself, loving myself and loving being healthy. 

This program 100% met my expectations. I needed a mindset reset and that’s exactly what I got! I started off the program with all kinds of lofty fitness goals, but what I really needed for me was to get rid of the guilt and shame so that I could enjoy fitness and nutrition again! 

Lauren tailors the coaching to you and your specific needs. If I needed her to push me, she did. If I needed permission to give myself a break, she was there to talk me down from the guilt. I was able to text her and get a timely response whenever i needed extra support. She worked with me when I traveled for work and fun to help me stay on track. She even worked with me on goals that were unrelated to exercise and nutrition – like wanting to break my habit of hitting the snooze button. This coaching really focuses on whole person health and wellness, and Lauren is just the perfect coach because she’s been through all the ups and downs and has made peace with all of this herself. Unlike other coaches and programs, she provides real and sustainable methods for success – you won’t find yourself spiraling when you’re done because she supports you through it all and gives you the tools you need to maintain.”

Jessica D.

“I am pretty knowledgeable on health, fitness and my body.  Despite all of this, I struggled to maintain a healthy weight, regularly fluctuating +/- 15 lbs.   I was tired of dieting to ‘get back’ to my goal weight/size. Having tried them all (Fat smash, sugar detox, Paleo) I wanted to try something different that would work with my lifestyle.

Over the course of 1:1 coaching with Lauren, I lost 15 lbs, never went on a diet and made some great progress in stopping behaviors that didn’t suite me.  Snacking, drinking and nights out can be killer and Lauren helped break down what consistency really means and how it impacts your body. She also provided guidance on my workouts, slight modifications and keep me on track.

I lost the weight, got back on track in terms of what I was eating and never felt like I was on a diet.  I sort of didn’t believe it would really work to just “be mindful” even though my common sense said it would.  It did! Lauren’s insights were extremely helpful, she breaks it down and gives you a sounding board. I am by no means perfect, still have areas to work on but I am happy with where I am at!  Honestly I don’t think I have felt better with my body or physically in a very long time.  

What makes Lauren different is she has lived through the process, has a very relatable story and made me comfortable talking through some very embarrassing behaviors.  I watch my friends in the diet/binge cycle and hope they find a program like Lauren to work with and take control of their life/habits.”

Kati H.

“I had gained weight and was in a exercising slump. I have struggled with being healthy and spent the majority of my life dieting. I knew I needed something different. Something that would promote a change in how I live my life that would last the rest of my life. When I met Lauren and heard her story I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.

My expectations when I started were based on the dieting I had done in the past. I kinda figured Lauren would just tell we what to eat, what not to eat , how much to eat and how much to exercise. It would be a paint by numbers situation and all would be solved. This was the exact opposite of what happened.

Lauren had me throw out my old dieting mindset immediately and began to get me to listen to body, eat mindfully and really dig into why my eating was not working for me and my body. Right away I knew this was for me. I was changing my habits, but not miserable as I had been in the past. It was/ is actually kinda fun.

The past few months I  have had some really big ups and some downs. But the important thing is that it has been 4 months and I am still doing it! I have not given up and gone back to my old ways like I have soooooooo many times before. Lauren has been a lifeline that is always there to listen and help me work through anything from “wanting” a piece of cake to a post binge low. All without judgement and always with a positive upbeat attitude. 

I still have work to do, but I am so excited to see what’s next. Over the past few months I have learned to love my body while still striving each day to be a better version of myself. My eating habits are leaps and bounds from where they used to be. I threw out my scale and stopped counting calories. I eat cake and pizza without guilt and still make strides towards me goal of losing weight. I am the strongest I have ever been and can’t wait to get stronger. 

I would recommend Lauren 100%! But you have to be willing and ready to change. You have to truly want to change and be ready to miss the mark some days just so you can get back up and do even better the next.”

Lisa D.

“I have done a ton of research on my own about how to over come my bed, binge eating disorder. I would be on the computer all day trying to find the best solution to help me kick this disease once and for all, but by the end of the day, I was always so overwhelmed I never did anything about it.  I happen to be on facebook and noticed a woman, whom I do not know, post about Fresh, fit and fearless and I thought this is exactly what I need. I called Lauren and I knew she got it, because she confided in me her experience/obsession with food, the scale and binge eating.

I felt totally comfortable telling her my deepest/darkest secrets that not even my husband knows about me.  You see bed, is usually something one does alone, it is like a dirty little secret that no one knows about except for you. It was nice to finally be able to open up to someone and admit to them that I do have a problem with food and that I need to get a grip on this because I no longer want to live this way.

I feel that Lauren did a great job of talking me off the ledge, when I needed it, and it was very comforting to know that I could text her anytime.  She also educated me by telling me it is my choice to either binge or not and I have never really looked at it that way. It was like she was giving my new skills to rethink before the anxiety of the food took over my day/night.

I will admit I did have a few set backs, but I was more at ease when they happened. I didn’t hate myself  the day after, I did not cancel plans with friends, husband etc to punish myself for what I had done the night before, which is my typical mo after binging.

I would recommend Lauren to anyone who needs assistance with eating/dieting and or fitness.  She gets real about the struggle and tells you what you need to do to overcome whatever issues you may have with food.  She actually encourages you to love your imperfections, and if you had a bad day, shake it off and start fresh again. She does not make you feel guilty or bad about yourself when your day goes wrong, and I think that is one of her best qualities.

So Lauren what I want to say to you is Thank You for helping me through this journey and getting to the other side.  I can’t say I won’t ever binge again, but I know now that I will be ok and I have the tools to move forward so I can enjoy my life.”

Katie P.

I decided to join 1:1 Coaching because I was tired of constantly being at war with food, exercise, and my body. Lauren’s talk about taking guilt out of food, focusing on mindset shifts, and learning to love your body rather than be at war felt so refreshing. The prospect of spending even a little less time agonizing over food, wrestling with my negative self-talk, and yo-yoing with exercise/my weight made me feel like working with Lauren was worth the try. Maybe this would really help.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined the program. I think at the back of my mind I expected myself to fail or that it might not work. But part of me also felt maybe this would really help me, if I worked for it. I knew that Lauren wasn’t going to magically be able to reset years of habits or melt the weight off of me, but I hoped that this would put me on the path to making my fitness and health goals to feel more attainable.

This program undeniably exceeded my expectations. I could go on for hours about everything I have gotten out of this program, but I will leave with you with a few. These are going to get a little sappy, so bear with me.

Prior to starting working with Lauren I was notorious for binge eating and stress eating. During this program, I have gotten my binge eating down to a rarity. Of course, it still happens from time to time, but it has become an anomaly rather than a regularity. AND this happened despite the fact that our coaching overlapped Thanksgiving, a million holiday parties, Christmas, New Years, and some very crazy work weeks.

I have let go of SO much guilt. When I occasionally slip-ups and binge ate or didn’t have a balanced day, I take a moment, reflect on what I can learn from it and then move on. I haven’t let it derail me or send me into a depression spiral which results in me binge eating out of sadness, subsequent guilt and self-hate, repeat, repeat. 

I really tuned into WHY working out regularly and eating health mattered to me. That might sound simple, but it wasn’t. Lauren helped me dive deeper into why I really cared about this change and what I could focus on when I wanted to quit. And it WORKED. Without even realizing it I got to my three times a week consistently and it has become part of my life.

I proved to myself that I could do this! Lauren has been such an AMAZING coach and provided me with so many tools that I use daily to stick to my goals. She helped me really realize that healthy living isn’t linear. It has its ups and downs, but the key to seeing change is to try again, even after the bad days. I cannot put into words how empowering it is to feel that way after years of feeling trapped by my unhealthy relationship with food, negative body image, and most significantly my lack of belief in myself.

I would 110% recommend working with Lauren to someone else. It has made me feel so much better about myself and even more importantly, it has been sustainable. While I still have bad days/weeks, I feel that the tools Lauren have given me have become part of my day-to-day approach to health and fitness. When I have a bad day, I get right back to it the next day. And guess what? Despite the mistakes and set backs I have seen change both physically and mentally. 

I will say, in order to succeed in this program you need to be willing to put the work in. This is not a miracle diet where the pounds melt off immediately. Lauren’s approach is holistic and targets resetting old habits and views regarding food and nutrition to better align with your goals. It takes time, but she is there to be your champion – to celebrate your successes as well as give pep talks when you need an extra push. If you are willing to put in the effort and not give up (even when you really really want to), you will see change.”