The 12-Week Fit Summer Challenge will help you tighten & tone up, build momentum towards your goals, challenge your body & mind in new ways, and jumpstart simple habits you’ll be able to keep up with long after summer is over!

I’ve run this challenge for the last three years, and every year I’m blown away by how successful the ladies who join are!

And if you think summer isn’t a great time to get focused on your goals, you must not be one of the 50+ women who have been through this challenge in previous years! Check out some of their results below:

How Does this Challenge Work?

The name of the game is consistency + results! The goal is to dial in your fitness and nutrition habits WHILE STILL enjoying summer eats & treats!

For the FITNESS component:
Your challenge is to complete 60 STRENGTH workouts over the 12-week challenge. That breaks down to 5 workouts per week. If 5 strength workouts seems like too much, you can choose to walk, bike, run, HIIT, Zumba…whatever you love, as long as it’s 20 minutes of intentional activity! I will provide workouts for those who want a plan to follow!

For the NUTRITION component:
Every two weeks, I’ll release a pre-recorded training where I go over all the ‘need to know’ nutrition info to help you be as successful as possible during this challenge and long after! 

You’ll get tons of SUPPORT…
You’ll have a whole group of women cheering you on and rooting for you all throughout the challenge. And I’ll be right there to coach you, help you course correct, answer your question, and give you a little nudge if you need it.

Who’s Running The Challenge?

Hi! I’m Lauren, your Fit Summer Challenge coach!

I’m a personal trainer turned virtual holistic health coach & fitness coach, and I’m here to guide you through your fittest summer yet!

Over 12 weeks I’m going to help you embrace moderation — you can obviously have festive summer cocktails and enjoy BBQ eats & treats — while keeping your health and fitness top priority!

The nutrition strategies I have waiting for you are so simple – you can even do them on vacation!- you’ll be thinking “why haven’t I been doing this all along?!” and they’re extremely effective! 

The workouts I’m providing are specifically designed for physique change in 20-30 minutes or less with consistency. These are weight training workouts, but you will also feel the cardio burn, so you won’t need to run, spin, do plyos or add any other cardio in, unless you want to!

Together we’ll embrace moderation, fuel our bodies well, move our bodies, and get fantastic results!

Are You In??

All you need to do is click the button below to join, then after you do that, be sure to check your email for your Fit Summer Starter Pack to help you get started right away! Your starter pack includes your first set of workouts, the nutrition guidelines we’ll be following throughout the summer, and you’ll get access to your bonus Mindful Eating Mentorship Course within 24 hours of joining!


I have really bad knees / I’m not in the best shape right now, will there be modifications?
YES. I have included modifications for any/all jumping movements and cardio, so that if you need low-impact options, you can still get a great workout. And if you need anything at all, you can always just post in the private Slack group and I’ll give you alternatives.

Do I need a gym membership?
Nope! You can do all of the workouts right at home. In fact, most of my clients workout at home exclusively, so no gym membership required! I do suggest having at least 2-3 pairs of dumbbells (light, moderate, heavy) because you’re gonna get strong fast so you’ll need options to progress up!

How many workouts are included?
You’ll get 12 workouts in total. I’ve programmed four total body lifts for the first six weeks, then we’ll mix it up with another four for the second half of the program. You’ll also get workouts for specific body parts if you want to really work on your arms & shoulders, legs & glutes, chest & back, or your core.

The idea isn’t to give you new workouts each week. I want you to be able to do the same workout a few times so that you can try to go heavier and/or faster and/or get more rounds. In other words, I want you to be able to see your progress!  Too much variation and your body just won’t respond, so we’ll keep it simple, but also effective.

I know this isn’t a fat loss program, but do you think I’d still see some progress in that area since it’s my goal?
This program isn’t designed as a “fat loss program,” BUT, yes. I’ve had several clients who have done this challenge before totally change their body composition by focusing in on their day to day habits like strength training & eating more balanced meals. The workouts are also all strength-focused, which means you’re going to be adding muscle to your body, which means a higher metabolism, which means more fat burning! That said, the scale may or may not move all that much, but I will tell you, you’re gonna look different! As long as you stay consistent and stay mindful (which I’ll teach you how to do), fat loss is a definite possibility inside of this program.

Is there any nutrition coaching that comes with this?
Of course! You’ll learn how to create balanced meals, how to utilize my PFF framework, how to make consistent choices all week long & not blow it every weekend. And don’t forget, when you enroll in FSC, you’ll automatically get access to my Mindful Eating Mentorship course which is all about teaching you moderation & mindful eating, PLUS you’ll get a free Diet Audit where you get 1:1 nutrition coaching from me!

When does it start and end?

We kick off on MONDAY, June 6th and the program runs through Sunday, August 28th. You’ll get access to your workouts and the Mindful Eating Mentorship as soon as you enroll, plus you’ll be added to the Slack group and portal by this Sunday evening.

If you have any other questions about the challenge, just click here and ask away!