The program for women who are tired of dieting, but still want to lose those 10 to 20 pounds that feel stuck on their body without stressing and obsessing about food 24/7/365.

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If you knew that in just 4 months, your relationship with food & your body could completely transform for the better...wouldn't you go for it?

Imagine being the kind of woman who feels proud and confident in her clothes and in her body.

Picture what it would feel like to not stress about calories and points and to simply eat normally.  

Think about the freedom you'd experience by never feeling like you need to do another diet again because you have YOUR plan that works no matter where you are or what you're doing.

You deserve so much more than feeling overwhelmed, out of control with food, and confused about what to eat.

Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • You’re at your wits end with starting over every Monday, bingeing on the Reese’s pb cups, and trying to lose weight with no lasting success...you just know there’s something 'off but can’t seem to figure it out.

  • Things that used to work (like WW & Whole 30) aren’t working anymore, and honestly you don't want to track points or cut out wine and cheese anyway, but still, you feel totally stuck, both in your physical body and mentally like you’re spinning your wheels.

  • You’re tired of being tired, of feeling bloated, of your clothes not fitting like they used to and you are ready to finally take back control over your health.

In this program, we’ll create three specific results:


    That means dropping the "all or nothing" thinking when it comes to food and learning to navigate the middle. As a result, you'll be a lot more consistent across the board because you'll be more satisfied, your plan will include foods you really love, and it will be completely customized to YOUR preferences and your goals.


    A week of eating clean here and there or 30 day challenges aren't going to get you where you want to be. In this program, we aren’t focused on temporary weight loss, or get skinny quick strategies. We're focused on the long-term changes it takes to get you to your goals and make it stick.


    Imagine someone walking up to you and asking "What are you doing differently? You look amazing!" And your response is "Ya I’m doing this thing called moderation and mindfulness where you eat healthy, but also prioritize satisfaction. So I can have margaritas and eat tacos and still look and feel like a million bucks!" That's the kind of results you'll get in this program.

This is the program for you if you're ready to spend less time overthinking your food choices, and more time understanding how to eat for your goals so you can finally maintain them for the long-term.

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Hi, I’m Lauren!

I’m the coach women come to once they realize how tired they are of dieting, losing and gaining the same 15 pounds over and over again, feeling guilty about what they eat & how much they eat, and stressing over how much they weigh.

Basically, they’re over it, and are looking for a way out of the food and body obsession - yet they still want to look and feel better.

And I’ve been there, too.

Before I started eating mindfully and in moderation, I constantly felt anxiety, stress, and overwhelm when it came to food. I was binge eating pop-tarts daily and felt like I had zero self-control around most foods that were deemed "bad" for me by the diet industry.

I hated pictures of myself and seeing myself in the mirror, and felt like I must be stupid for not being able to figure this stuff out. I mean, I had a degree in nutrition and at the time was recently certified as a Holistic Health Coach - what was I missing??

Then, one night while sitting on the couch post-binge, I remember thinking “I'm going to have to figure out how to live like this forever - but how? How can I keep this secret from my friends and family? How do people live like this?” Then I heard it- “or you can try something different" and, call me crazy, but I swear to God, that message came from God himself.

I immediately went to Google and typed in "Why can't I stop eating food even though I'm not hungry" and it opened up a whole new world for me.

My Google search brought me to a program aimed at helping women drop the food and body obsession and get into more of a moderation and mindfulness mindset.

I signed up immediately and my world was ROCKED.

I started buying Pop-tarts on purpose and eating them mindfully.

I kept ice cream sandwiches and frozen pizza in the freezer every single week just to remind myself, it was fine.

I started ordering pizza and pasta at restaurants instead of salads and would drink wine with my best friend on a random Tuesday, just because.

All things I would never have allowed myself to do before.

And as a result, I got my life back.

Now when it comes to food, I feel ease, and don’t think about food hardly at all unless I’m hungry.

It's no biggie if I eat something “unhealthy” because I trust I'll make a choice at my next meal to balance things out.

I love pictures of myself and love how fit & strong I am.

My life is mine now - it doesn't belong to the diet industry. It doesn't belong to the scale. It belongs to me.

And THAT is what I want for YOU.

What would it look like for you to drop the dieting, the obsession and the stress around food?

In Fully Free, I am dedicating myself to YOU for 4 entire months so you can totally transform how you look, feel, and think when it comes to food.

And as a result, your entire life will change for the better.

Upon submission, I'll review your application and contact you within 72 hours if I think we might be a good fit, and with any next steps. Submission doesn't guarantee a coaching spot.

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At the end of our 4 months together you will:

◾️ Be able to eat foods you LOVE without feeling guilty, without feeling like you’re going to overdo it, and without stressing about how many calories or points it is.

◾️ Have developed simple, new habits that you can stick to without thinking too much about them.

◾️ Feel more confident in your skin and in your clothes.

◾️ Have developed a  strong, resilient, positive mindset, and will trust yourself around any food, all the time.

◾️ Feel confident in knowing after the program ends you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and maintain your results with no stress.

What People Are Saying:

“After years of restrictive eating to binge eating, over-exercising to the eventual no-exercising from sheer burnout, and trying one fitness and diet program after another, the only thing I had concluded was that the methods I'd been following weren't healthy or helpful in reaching my goals. After working with Lauren, I rarely think about food, but I enjoy eating in a way that I never have before, without judgement or restriction, and with the confidence of knowing I understand how to make the best choices for myself and my goals. I have far fewer negative thoughts, and when I do have them, they're easy to identify and redirect into something kind and positive. I eat foods I love everyday, and also eat my favorite indulgences without feeling out of control or ashamed about it."
Bethany D
"I felt like I was constantly thinking about and trying to lose weight and dieting, but was never successful. I'd set a goal for myself and try a new or old diet plan and be successful for a few weeks or even months, but then fall back into my normal routines and gain back any weight I had lost. Now, my new lifestyle allows me to be free from dieting and has taught me how to eat fulfilling meals while losing weight and becoming healthier. I am happier and have a better of understanding of how to eat and live my life to lose weight, but also feel satisfied."
Andrea M
“Before coaching, I yo-yoed between weight watchers, beachbody, FitGirls - you name it. I'd stick to a "diet" for 3 weeks, loose a bit of weight, and then pile it right back on. I was a stress eater & binger, and had a bunch of emotional eating habits that kept sabotaging my health. I HATED exercise (it was punishment for eating poorly) and I never thought that could change. I cannot believe I'm about to say this but... I love exercising, and cannot imagine my life without it. While I have the occasional weekend of over-indulging, I don't panic, because I know how to get right back into my normal eating routine. Nutrition has become automated - I don't feel like I have to reinvent the wheel every week and come up with "new" healthy meals. I don't rely on my food to comfort, entertain, or soothe me, so it's much easier to eat in line with my nutrition goals. I drink way more water, and am able to listen to my hunger cues. I would recommend this program to people who are ready to be REALLY HONEST with themselves about their nutrition habits. If you want to REALLY feel better about yourself. If you want to REALLY get focused. Then what are you waiting for?!”
Hayley D
“ Before I started coaching with Lauren, I had just delivered my second baby and I was struggling to establish self-care routines that felt good (mid-pandemic) so I was unconsciously snacking, stressing and holding on to the extra weight I had picked up during pregnancy. Little by little, the pounds came off, I felt less stressed, I fit into my clothes again, I communicated better with my kids and my husband, I started working out because it was fun and felt good, I got promoted at work. Now, I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm not, I move my body regularly, I sit with my thoughts and feelings as they come and I work through my stress. When I get overwhelmed now, I bounce back faster and I am able to identify what might not be working vs. what does, and what I need to move forward. Basically, I am a much more fit, secure, patient, energetic, understanding, and resilient version of myself after working with Lauren. I am a better version of myself.”
Nicole M


Still have questions? Apply anyway! I’ll answer every question you have on our call, but also, read below!
I know how scary is can be to invest and trust that you have what it takes to get the results you want. While I can’t guarantee your results because I can’t do the work for you, I can promise you that if you stick with it, do everything we plan out and for you, you don’t disappear – meaning you book your calls, connect with me regularly via text, and you follow my lead, you will not fail and you will 100% get the results you want.