It’s time to finally find the approach to nutrition, fitness and health that works for YOU.


You’ve been wanting to get consistent with your nutrition and fitness habits for as long as you can remember, but for whatever reason, you can’t seem to make progress.

Well, you’re not alone.

This group is the solution that provides the accountability, support and resources you need right at your fingertips, so even when things feel hard, you know exactly where to go for help.

Before joining,  current members used to struggle with the same things you might be battling right now.

Things like:

  • Procrastinating on getting their workouts in so much that they ended up not doing them at all.

  • Scouring Pinterest and Instagram for workouts and recipes but weren’t sure if what they were doing was enough, and couldn’t seem to stick to a plan longer than a week or two.

  • Binge eating in their car (cuz who would know?!) and then feeling super guilty about it.

  • Prioritizing work and other things over their health, always feeling burned out and exhausted.

  • Winging it when it came to nutrition and fitness and so their goals always felt just out of reach.

And now? They’re thriving, hitting their goals, and feeling like they’re in the driver’s seat of their results. Here are some wins from members:

The goal of this exclusive coaching club is to help you become happy, healthy, and fit with the support and coaching you deserve every single day. Together, we learn to embrace moderation, we fuel our bodies well, we move our bodies, and we get results in less time.


As a LBC Group Member, you’ll have access to:

◾️Daily Access to a Private Slack Group: What’s better than a group of kickass women who want to see you win? Our private Slack group will connect you with other like-minded women so you’ll never, ever feel alone on this journey. This group is also where you’ll ask your questions, check in, & get coached by me.

◾️Weekly Open Office Hours: Each week I’ll hold open office hours via Zoom (currently on Wednesdays at 4pm PST/7pm EST) for you to come in, ask your questions, and get any extra support or coaching you might need.

◾️Quarterly Fitness and/or Nutrition Program: These programs are really fun, help you stay motivated & engaged in the group. Coming up next is our 8-week Fall Refresh program that begins September 1, and our end of the year challenge from November to December to help you stay consistent, sane & healthy over the holiday season!

◾️New Workouts Each Month: Who doesn’t love new workouts that are challenging, quick and fun? Every month you’ll get a fresh batch of workouts that run anywhere from 20-40 minutes that can be done at home or in the gym.

Hi, I’m Lauren!

After working as a personal trainer for over 10 years in the gym and coaching hundreds of women online, I saw a huge need for more support, community and connection for my clients.

They were determined to reach their goals, but I kept hearing “Am I the only one who struggles with this stuff?” and “Gosh, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get this right?”

So, in June 2017, my membership group was born.

I wanted to create an incredible community of women who could act as a sounding board for each other, and also create a safe space for them to share their struggles and share their successes without competition or comparison.

Because here’s the thing…

You’ve tried to go it alone before. 

You’ve downloaded all the free programs, you’ve paid for the meal plans and workout programs, maybe you’ve even jumped on the supplement train and tried living on shakes to get you long term results with little to no success.

But now it’s time to do something different- something that WORKS.

In WFCC, you’ll never go it alone because you’ll have me as your coach PLUS a supportive community of women at your fingertips to support you and help you along the way. 

You’ll never have to guess if what you’re doing is going to work because I’ll be there to guide you. 

And best of all, you’ll finally get the results you’ve been chasing forever and ever!


Who is this group for?

✔️ This group is designed for women who are serious about reaching their health goals and want to do it in the most simplistic, effective and sustainable way possible because they’ve already tried allllll the diets that just don’t work.

✔️ This group is designed to give the women in the club some extra accountability and support along the way, as well as extra motivation and the reassurance that they’re moving in the right direction when they need it.

✔️ This group is for action takers- even if it’s imperfect- because you know by now that the best way to reach your goals is to do it step by step, with my guidance.

✔️ This group is built on a thriving group atmosphere, so being supportive of other group members is a must. Be ready to help, support and root your sisters on when they need it, and they’ll do the same for you.


When you join, you get:

⭐ Access to new strength training workouts along with dozens of other workouts in the membership portal

⭐ Access to new fitness and nutrition programs designed to keep you motivated and engaged

⭐ Unparalleled support and accountability from me and the LBC crew

⭐ Personalized coaching and strategies to help you reach your goals on an on-going basis

Total and complete access to an amazing community that has your back 100%

The choice is yours.

You’re clearly ready to feel like you’ve got what it takes to reach your goals because you’re still here reading this page.

You just need a little extra push to get the ball rolling, and keep it rolling.

So let’s do this, together.

What My Clients Are Saying:



Frequently Asked Questions


What results will I get?

If you put in the work, you can expect to change the way your body looks, how it feels and learn strategies that will keep maintaining your new physique pretty effortless. It all depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into yourself, but most of my clients will lost anywhere from 12-25 pounds in just about 12 weeks.

Here’s the thing though- you have to be willing to show up and do the work. You must complete the on-boarding process and you must be an active participant in the Slack group. If you doing complete the on-boarding and you aren’t active in the group, you can’t expect to get the results you want. I make it as simple and streamlined as possible for you and I’m there to support you 7 days a week- but at the end of the day, you have to show up for yourself and do the work.


What happens once I purchase my membership?

Once you check out via PayPal to grab your spot, you’ll receive an email directing you to the Slack group, a link to the membership Portal where you’ll find your workouts and resources, and explaining all the next steps. Lots of times this email will land in the ‘Promotions’ folder in gmail, just FYI.


What happens if I want to leave the group?

You can choose to either stay in Wicked Fueled or leave any time. That said, if you leave and decide to rejoin at some point and the monthly membership cost has increased, you would have to pay the higher price. Also keep in mind that no refunds will be given if you choose to leave before your membership is up. Meaning, if your payment is processed on the 1st of the month and you decide you’d like to leave the club on the 2nd, you will not be issued a refund for that transaction.


Do I have to belong to a gym to do the workouts?

Nope! As long as you have a couple pairs of dumbbells (one light, one heavy) handy, you can do the workouts anywhere.


What if I’m just starting out with exercise? Do I have to be a seasoned gym-goer to join?

The workouts in Wicked Fueled are suitable for any fitness level. There are women in the group who hadn’t worked out consistently for months before joining and now they’re crushing their workouts. There are also women who were more advanced and they’re also crushing their workouts!


Do I have to buy any supplements in order to join?

No! I do not participate in, or require you to participate in, any MLM marketing. I do not require my clients to buy pills, shakes, magical potions or any other supplements of any kind. If asked, I will give my opinions on protein powders and other supplements, but they are never required as a part of your program.


Will I get a meal plan to follow?

Nope. I don’t use meal plans or food tracking apps. Both tend to keep us stuck in the all or nothing approach to dieting, which is not what I want to cultivate in this group. Instead, I am going to teach you how to feel your hunger cues, how to feel satiated and how to treat yourself daily without any adverse effects on your healthy or your physique.


How do I reach you to ask my questions?

I will be in the private Slack group everyday answering questions, commenting on posts, posting myself and providing you feedback. I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Let’s get you to your goals together. You’ve got me and over a dozen other women in your corner! You’ve got nothing to lose except for all the frustration confusion and feeling alone. Let’s do this!