Are you ready to feel more in control around foods like chips, popcorn, candy & ice cream?

Do you want to learn the skills to rewire the way your mind thinks about food so you can feel more empowered and at ease in food situations?

How would it feel to be more confident and comfortable around all foods, all the time, because you’re in a happier, healthier headspace?

Mindful Eating Mentorship will help you obsess less about food so you can focus on the other important things that matter – like family, work, relationships, and having more fun in life.

Have you ever thought “I want a balanced and consistent diet of all the foods where I’m not constantly worrying or thinking about what I ate/am eating/am planning to eat…” but you don’t know where to start?

I hear you, sister. I used to think the exact same thing but truly didn’t believe there was any kind of “balance” for me – it didn’t feel attainable. For years I was all or nothing and either dieting or totally off the rails.  I just didn’t realize at the time how simple it could be to achieve.

But here’s the thing – If I can do it so can you!

You are never too far gone, too old, or too stuck to rewire the way your mind thinks about food and body image.

You just need a little help figuring out exactly how to do it – in a way that works for YOU.

And I’m ready to help!

Want to create a healthy lifestyle of nutrition that’s fun, easy? Want to feel less stress about food and quiet the negative self talk so you can feel proud of your lifestyle?

Hey, I get it. I’ve been there, too, and so have my clients. It can feel like we should be thinking about food all the time or we should be struggling to achieve our goals, but that couldn’t be more backwards.

I’ve helped over 100 women in the past 7 years overcome food obsession and dieting with simple, tactical strategies they can apply easily in their day to day lives. My clients are living, breathing examples of what’s possible when you decide to break free from diet culture. These ladies are getting raises and promotions, moving across the country, finding the loves of their lives, getting engaged, having babies….living their best lives!

It really is amazing at how life opens up to so much more opportunity when you ditch the dieting and food stress. You’re more fun to be around! You enjoy travel and vacations so much more. Life get’s so much better! And I want that for you. I know it can be sort of scary to think about releasing the reigns of diets or being “more strict” with your eating, but honestly, giving yourself more freedom and more allowance to enjoy foods you love is the golden ticket to creating a solid nutrition lifestyle that feels easy and fun. Dieting or obsessing about calories, points and carbs is holding you back from living your best life. I want you to see what happens when you let it go! Mindful Eating Mentorship will get you there!

You in?

Mindful Eating Mentorship

Begins as soon as you enroll

Short, simple trainings sent to your inbox each week for six weeks

Fast & easy strategies to practice each week

Daily coaching

Slack group for community

Look, food isn’t going anywhere – we literally need it to live and it’s part of some of life’s greatest celebrations. Let me help you  let to of the stress and overwhelm you feel now, and feel normal around food again.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the MEM Training Topics…

➡️ Week One: Dieting vs Mindful Eating & The MMAD Nutrition Model

➡️ Week Two: Nixing Willpower & Creating Daily Non-Negotiables

➡️ Week Three: #TreatYoSelf Moments & Eating for Satisfaction vs Perfection

➡️ Week Four: Learning Body Biofeedback & Body Awareness

➡️ Week Fives Honing Your Abundance Mindset & Re-Writing Old Food Narratives

➡️ Week Six: Situational Eating & Handling Food Pushers


The investment for Mindful Eating Mentorship is a one-time payment of $150. 

Your access to the first training and daily coaching opens up as soon as you enroll so you don’t have to wait to get started.

Hey, I’m Lauren!

I’m a passionate, no-fluff, take-big-risks kind of woman who wants nothing more than for all women to feel incredible in their skin.

I’m currently living my best life with my  fur babies and boyfriend in California where I’m determined to find the best donuts around (did you know there are over 1500 donut shops in Southern Cali?!)

Look – even if you don’t join MEM, I hope at the very least this page gave you permission to go for MORE. I want every person who comes across this page to take the permission they need to enjoy a donut, a cookie, some chips, a glass of wine WITHOUT GUILT. Life is too short to stress about food, so, permission granted.

If you do want to join me in MEM, I’m here and ready to guide you!