Fueled Up Reset will help you create three specific outcomes:

  • Learn how to stay consistent with your nutrition habits 7 days a week, not just Monday through Thursday

  • Understand how to use food to lose weight, without slashing calories and without giving up your social life

  • Create a nutrition routine that runs on auto-pilot so you don't have to think about food 24/7/365

You’re capable of feeling so much better, having clothes that fit perfectly, and having that toned, defined physique you’ve always wanted. You just need the path to take it to the next level and sustain it.

The problem is most women think in order to reach their goals, they have to:

  • Eat perfectly, commit to low calorie diets, and say goodbye to a social life
  • Do more cardio, exercise every single day for 60 minutes, sign up for all the fitness challenges and classes
  • Find more tips & tricks for how to stay consistent and stop snacking so much

But the truth is, the results you want so badly aren’t the result of random tips & tricks you find on Instagram. They are a direct result of a solid nutrition strategy. A long term game plan that considers the science of how to turn your body into a fat-burning machine, without the extra stress and overwhelm standard diets bring. With your Fueled Up Nutrition strategy in place, you can get laser focused on what matters MOST to create change, instead of trying random tips and hoping they work.


◾️ This is NOT a 90 day crash diet. It’s not a quick fix with an “eat this, not that” food list. Instead, you will learn to apply my Fueled Up Nutrition strategy that will have you feeling satisfied and energized.

◾️ Going on another diet isn’t going to build a strong, healthy body. Going on another diet will only give you short term results, increase your cravings, intensify temptation, and leave you elbow deep in the ice cream carton after a couple of weeks.

◾️ No foods are off-limits, and you will be given a lot of coaching around drinking alcohol, eating treats, navigating social events, eating out and vacations, and how to make it work for you and your goals.

Fueled Up Reset is for you if you...

  • Want to clean up your nutrition after the holidays and do it in a way you can maintain all year long

  • Would like to lose anywhere from 5-15 pounds in three months time

  • Already exercise consistently but you aren’t seeing the muscle tone you want

  • Want to better understand how to use food as a tool to reach your goal and want to truly enjoy the process

Join Fueled Up Reset for $350/mo

The Process To Your Transformation

1. Get Back to Basics

Most of my clients WAY overcomplicated nutrition at first. To lose body fat and feel more energized, you need to get back to doing what works, and doing it consistently. But you can’t do that if you’re thinking there are 100 food rules you need to follow. In this program, you will follow the Fueled Up Nutrition strategy and I will help you tailor it to your preferences and your lifestyle. We keep things simple and enjoyable, so you can stay consistent and get real results.

2. Align Your Mind

The way you think absolutely must align with the results you want to create. Willpower, being more strict, always saying NO to yourself, and calling yourself lazy or weak will keep you stuck, and frankly, miserable. You will learn how to optimize your thinking to get the most out of this program and beyond. I will provide monthly training geared towards getting your brain on board with your goals and the results you want to create.

What can you expect from the program?

  • Personalized Nutrition Strategy

    We will use the Fueled Up Nutrition strategy to declutter your current diet and eliminate what isn’t working, and do it without feeling like you need to give up your social life or Pizza Fridays with your family. We will work together to tailor the Fueled Up Nutrition strategy to your preferences and lifestyle so we can make sure it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and to make sure you’re getting the results you want!

  • Monthly Group Training Calls

    We will have a group call each month where I will teach for about 15 minutes, then I will open up for Q&A after. You can plan for these calls to last an hour each, and if you can’t make it live, the replays will be available. These are the topics we will cover in this program: Month One: Creating a Motivated Mindset Month Two: Mastering Your Toddler Brain Month Three: What to do When Things Feel Hard or Boring

  • 24/7 Access to Me for your Specific Questions

    Accountability, asking your questions, and getting support via our private Slack group will increase how quickly you will reach your goals. I will be in the Slack group every day answering your questions and giving you feedback

  • A Weekly Meal Planning Template

    so you can think and plan ahead for each day. That way, no matter what’s on your social calendar, you’ll be prepared for exactly how to handle it.

  • The Fueled Up Nutrition EBook

    filled with all the info you need to be wildly successful in this program and beyond. In this book, you will learn the importance of daily meal planning, get all the info on what the Fueled Up Nutrition strategy entails, automated meal tips, and how to #TreatYoSelf mindfully.

  • A close community of like minded go getters

    who are on this journey with you and excited to support you with accountability and celebration. This group has been described as “feeling like I’m at a Beyonce concert where everyone is just hyping you up and cheering you on!” There’s nothing like having a fun, supported group of women who get it along with you on this journey. You’ll feel instantly at home in our group of LBC veterans!

  • Access to 10+ Education Videos (approx. 15mins each)

    Education is key! You will be learning basic nutrition knowledge (what’s a balanced meal, how do I know if I’m doing moderation right?), learning about the application of that knowledge (how to navigate social gatherings & vacations, decoding your cravings), and tackling MINDSET (creating a motivation mindset, mastering your toddler brain, what to do when things feel hard or boring).

The investment for Fully Fueled Up Reset is $350/month or $1000

Join Fueled Up Reset: $350/month

This is not a meal plan or diet you’ll just quit on in a week.

The Fueled Up Reset is a complete shift in how you approach nutrition and how you make food decisions every single day. It will change how you feel in your skin, in your mind, and will improve the quality of your life, forever.

Included in this program is:

  • Personalized Nutrition Strategy
  • Daily Check-Ins via Slack Group
  • Monthly Group Calls via Zoom
  • Access to the exclusive LBC Community
  • Fueled Up Nutrition EBook
  • 24/7 Access to Lauren
  • 10+ Educational Videos

This is an investment in your long-term health

We’re creating lifelong results in this program. You’ll spend less time stressing about calorie trackers and closing the rings on your Apple watch and more time doing things that really matter, like:

  • Spending time with friends and family and going out to happy hour without fear of overdoing it
  • Getting the promotion at work and being able to wear those clothes hiding in the back of your closet that you still love and feel confident in
  • Going on that tropical vacation without second guessing how you’ll look on the beach

The Fueled Up Reset is just the beginning

The habits and strategies you will learn in this program will build the foundation to create more and more results for months and years to come.

You’ll have the knowledge and the routine down to remove the mental exhaustion you’ve felt before whenever you’ve started a new diet. You’ll know exactly what to do from day one, on. Making solid nutrition choices will just be who you are and what you do.

Hi, I’m Lauren Bradley!

I am your certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist.

I was just like you, a hard working woman who just wanted to look and feel amazing. I thought working out more and dieting harder was the answer and felt guilty every time I couldn’t stick to my rigid, overwhelming plan.

After exercising for hours a day and getting lost in all of the tips, tricks & meal plans I’d find in fitness magazines, I finally had enough and made one of the best decisions in my life…

I dropped the diets, released the obsession, and started implementing super simple strategies that I still use today. Things like listening to my hunger cues vs eating according to the clock, allowing myself ice cream and wine with no stress, and prioritizing protein, healthy fats, and fiber at each meal. And as a result, I dropped 20 pounds and have kept it off for 6+ years without thinking about food hardly ever.

I’ve helped hundreds of ladies step into that Fueled Up version of themselves, where food is still tasty and satisfying, but more than that they finally understand nutrition in a way that allows them to live a balanced, food obsession-free, lifestyle that produces results.


Still have questions? Read below!
This program requires about 1-2 hours per week. 45 minutes for the weekly Q&A Calls, and about 30 minutes total to complete your daily check-ins.