Cravings: Why they happen and what we can do about them.

Cravings can show up in a number of ways.  We can crave specific foods, textures, flavors, even certain times of the day can bring on cravings (3pm slump anyone?). If you’re into reading up on nutrition, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of different tips on how to handle cravings. Things like going for a walk, drinking water, reading a book, taking … Read More

Want to lose arm fat and belly jiggle? Do this.

You want to lose the spare tire around your stomach and you want to lose the bat wings you’ve suddenly developed on the back of your arms.  You know…that extra stuff that hangs over your jeans and that jiggle that keeps waving long after you’ve stopped?  I feel you.  The stomach and upper arms are just two of the spots … Read More

Do you have a good relationship with food?

Food shouldn’t be the enemy.  Food shouldn’t be stressful.  But it can be for lots of us.  I know it used to be for me!  My thoughts revolved around food from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed and it was freaking exhausting.  I lived like that for years, obsessing about everything I ate, thinking … Read More

Why resolutions and goals kinda suck and what you can do instead (plus a 2016 recap)

2016 was FREAKING SCARY but it was also pretty awesome.  In a quick recap: I quit my full-time job and went part time so I could put more focus on my online biz I launched 5 online programs after never launching a single one before I wrote SUPER vulnerable blog posts sharing stuff I’ve never really told many people before (Breaking the Binge being example … Read More

How to Fail like a Bad Ass

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of books out there on how to succeed in business, at weight loss, in life, as a parent, as a partner, as a coach, etc.  Of all the “success books” I’ve read, the one spot where most seem to fall short is teaching us to handle it when things don’t go as planned because as we … Read More

Exactly WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat it and WHY

I get tons of questions from clients and fellow gym goers about what they should eat at any given time of day- before working out, after working out, when they’re craving sweets, etc.  I’m laying it all out for you here to take away the nutrition confusion once and for all. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or … Read More

Six Things to Look for in a Nutrition or Fitness Coach

It’s that time of year when all the nutrition/fitness/health/fat loss/diet/ body transformation coaches and trainers seem to come out of the woodwork. There are literally hundreds of posts on social media about coaches who can “finally get you the body of your dreams.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that, that’s how online coaches market ourselves and get clients, myself included. Where we … Read More

The Truth About Weight Loss and Moderation

Do you get super frustrated and want to throw your phone through the window when you see an Instagram fitness “model” post a pic of them about to take a bite of pizza and caption it “everything in moderation!” while flaunting their flawless physiques. I used to, too. I’d get so frustrated because all these women with great bodies were … Read More

What to expect when you’re trying to lose weight

I’ve lost and gained the same 10-20 pounds more times than I can remember.  I was a yo-yoer for about 15 years and it took me that long to finally make it stick.  It was a lonnnnng journey but I’m so thankful for it because it brought me here so I can help make sure others don’t make the same … Read More

Releasing Food Guilt Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds. Here’s How…

In high school I remember not wanting to eat breakfast because as soon as I ate I thought my stomach would look fat.  In college I remember going on the South Beach diet to get ready for Spring Break, but instead of following the diet, I made up my own version which consisted of cheese sticks, chicken and nuts. After … Read More

How Do Treats Fit Into a Healthy Lifestyle?

When I’m coaching my clients, and when I’m considering my own nutrition, I like to keep things tasty and physique friendly. If you’ve be following me for any period of time you probably know that I have a pretty big sweet tooth and love a cockatil or two from time to time. I am 100% positive that the reason I … Read More

27 Fitness Pros #1 Fit Tip!

I pulled out the big guns for this one, guys!  I reached out to over 20 of my girls in the health and fitness industry to get their top fit tip and these ladies delivered! This article is featuring personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, life coaches, online coaches…I’m telling you.  This article is a big deal!  In this article my girls talk about all things … Read More

4 Unconventional Tips to Help You Reach Any Goal

> Want to finally achieve your goals?  > Want to finally start seeing results from all your work in the gym?  > Want to feel safe around all food all the time?  > Want to change the way you think about yourself, your life and your relationships all day long? I think everyone can answer ‘yes’ to at least one … Read More

Can you trust yourself to do the right thing?

We’re really good at talking ourselves out of doing the “right” thing when it comes to getting outside of our comfort zone. That’s why we order a pizza instead of cooking roasting chicken and veggies for dinner. That’s why we choose to watch another Friends re-run instead of working out for the 3rd time this week? That’s why we don’t apply … Read More

Four Quick Ways to Debloat After Indulging

I got an SOS email the other day from one of my online clients who was panicked because the scale was up about six pounds after her vacation.  She was upset about potentially undoing all of her hard work and being right back to where she started almost 8 weeks ago. After doing some mindset damage control, I told her that … Read More

Why you should absolutely, positively, 100% celebrate any win…even if you really don’t want to.

Deciding, committing and taking action to embark on a weight loss journey is a big deal.  It’s a big decision which can include a whooooole lot of changes.  Changes like: eating different foods ordering a salad instead of pizza explaining to friends/family/coworkers why you’re ordering the salad instead of the pizza dealing with their reactions to your explanation people telling you … Read More

Get out of that funk, girlfriend!

We all have ‘those days.’  Some of us even have ‘those’ weeks or months. You’ve been there- the days where you get up on the wrong side of the bed, where you can’t seem to shake the funk, where you just feel BLAH.  The frustrating thing is that sometimes it happens and we don’t even know why.  Everything can be … Read More

It’s Never About the Food

There’s been a common theme in the Fueled Physique universe this week. I’ve gotten four separate messages from women who feel like they’re overeating or bingeing and can’t figure out what’s going on. And I’m right there with them. Every couple of weeks I buy a package of mint Oreos (don’t knock it til you try it!). They’ll typically last me a … Read More

The SANE Nutrition Method

A lot of women tell me that their biggest struggle when it comes to weight loss is nailing down nutrition strategies that actually work long-term.  We’re inundated with quick fixes and the promise of fast results and a new diet pops up almost daily and it’s super intriguing to jump on board, but by now I think we know that cutting … Read More

6 Ways to Start Appreciating Your Body Today

Before we get to the blog, if you’re wanting to develop a better realationship with your body and improve your body image, sign up for my FREE 21-day Imperfectly Perfect Body Love Project guide. It is designed to help you cultivate the mindset that will help you get the physique results you’re chasing because lasting changes begin with your MINDSET. The Imperfectly Perfect Body Love Project … Read More

So…You Want Abs? Part I

My favorite guy is back with another awesome post for us!  In case you missed Dan’s first two posts, you can find them here and here.  A little intro: Dan is an epidemiologist, strength & conditioning coach, just became an instructor at the National Personal Trainer Institute teaching future personal trainers the ins and outs of the job, loves burritos and loves puppies-a muscle … Read More

Put a Stop to Nighttime Eating!

I hear from clients a lot that they eat really well during the day then at night they go nuts.  They have a snack before dinner, dinner, seconds helpings at dinner then something sweet after dinner.  That’s about three meals in a very short amount of time!  Then there are those who snack and eat sweets or chips while sitting on the … Read More

Five Weight Loss Myths Debunked!

There are a whole lot of misconceptions when it comes to weight loss.  Information on the topic is abundant so how do we know what’s true and what’s not?  I’m about to tell you 🙂  I’m giving you the top five myths I hear when it comes to weight loss and how what to do instead.  Let’s just dive right in!

How I Gained Control Back Over Forbidden Foods

Nowadays it seems like we all have a list of foods that we simply won’t allow ourselves to have.  For me, it used to be things like chips, trail mix, nuts, peanut butter, ice cream, candy and any kind of baked good or pastry.  I’m sure I’m leaving things out, too if I’m being totally honest. Due to my warped dieting … Read More

The Comparison Trap!

Nothing drains motivation or empowerment faster than comparing ourselves to others.  We compare our financial status, jobs, bodies, relationships, clothes, among other things to those of other people.  We all do it whether we’re aware of it or not, and it can be a dangerous road to go down.

Four Things You Could Be Doing That Are Keeping You Stuck

After working as a trainer for a long time, I’ve learned a thing or two about what keeps people from reaching their goals. I’ve also done a lot of self-reflection to figure out what has kept me from reaching mine!  I want to share my top four insights as to what keeps people stuck and keeps them from getting what they … Read More

Can You Hate Your Body Into Being Fit?

In short, no, but we sure do try! Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and said things like “I’m so fat” “I hate my gut” “my arms are gross”? Or maybe you and your friends are always talking about what you hate about your bodies. We like to use negative self-talk as a way to motivate us … Read More

How to #LoveYoSelf NOW!

“Lauren, I read all your stuff but I’m still scared of gaining weight.” Letting go of putting our self-worth into what our body looks like is HARD.  There’s no way around that and there’s no quick and easy fix.  The long-term solution is a whole lot of mindset work and introspection and rewiring ourselves to think differently which can take … Read More