It doesn’t matter if your goals are to drop body fat, get stronger & more fit, create lifelong healthy habits, or all of the above – this transformation challenge will get you there!

The Wicked Fueled Transformation Challenge begins on Tuesday, September 7th and is perfect for you if you:

✔️ Want your clothes to fit better, need an energetic boost, and want to finally develop healthy habits that stick.

✔️ Want to get the best results possible by following a simple, yet extremely effective, nutrition protocol you can customize to your preferences and lifestyle.

✔️ Are committed to doing your best, are ready to learn a totally new and sustainable approach to nutrition, and you want serious results you’ll be able to maintain.

Here are the details:

???? The program will officially kick off on September 7th, 2021, but you’ll get all your Transformation materials as soon as you sign up so you can read everything over and get prepared.

???? Each week you’ll get a new pre-recorded video training sent to your inbox where I go over all the ‘need to know’ info to help you be as successful as possible during this challenge and long after. There will be a weekly challenge presented at the end of each training to help you focus in on your transformation habits each week. You can find a list of the weekly training topics further down on this page.

???? You’ll have access to me in Slack to ask questions between calls, get support, or just check in to let us know how things are going. PLUS you’ll have a whole group of women cheering you on and rooting for you all throughout the challenge.

???? You’ll get a challenge calendar so you can stay organized and know exactly what to do on each day of the challenge.

???? Plus I’ll provide full-body workouts that you can do at home or at the gym

Here’s What You Get:

???? Weekly trainings & group coaching via Zoom – All groups calls will be held on Tuesdays at 7:45pm EST and will be recorded if you can’t make one. You’ll have the chance to ask question, get coached, and hear from other ladies in the challenge, too, which is probably the best part.

???? Two 1:1 coaching calls with me so you can get customized nutrition programming, plus dig deeper into self-sabotaging thoughts that are holding you back from success.

???? Access to a private Slack group so you can ask questions, get coaching, and get extra support between calls. You’ll also check in at the end of each day to let the group know how things went!

???? A Daily Journal with prompts you’ll use in the morning and evening to help keep your mind in the game. Because we know that without a solid plan, our healthy habits won’t stick.

???? Plus some extra fun bonuses as soon as you sign up!

Hi, I’m Lauren! Your Wicked Fueled Transformation coach!

I’m the coach women come to once they realize how tired they are of dieting, losing and gaining the same 15 pounds over and over again, feeling guilty about what they eat & how much they eat, and stressing over how much they weigh.

After years of feeling like I had tried everything to lose weight and overcome my own food obsession, but none of it actually working, the frustration, the anxiety, and the stress over food and my body became more than I could handle and I knew it had to stop.

I didn’t want to keep going to bed feeling like a failure and waking up with guilt and anxiety because I couldn’t figure out what was “wrong” with me.

So I decided to take charge.

After lots of trial & error, I found really simple strategies that led to letting go of my food and body obsession, and also resulted in losing 20 pounds and maintaining that loss for over six years now.

And that’s what I’ll help you do in the Wicked Fueled Transformation Challenge.

I know how it feels to wonder if you’ll ever get it right. If you’ll ever stop overeating and stress eating and picking yourself apart in the mirror.

The way you’re living and feeling now isn’t as good as it gets and you don’t have to feel like this forever.

After coaching hundreds of women over the last decade, I know what the key to your success is.

During this 6-week challenge, you’ll still get to eat your favorite foods – so don’t worry…this isn’t a no sugar/no alcohol/no carb challenge or anything like that. Cuz let’s be real…you want results that you’ll maintain long after the 6-weeks are over, and the only way to do that is to learn how to weave your favorite foods into your everyday life.

So yes, you can still eat chocolate and pizza and drink wine, you’ll just be more mindful about when and why you choose those foods.

I hope you join us – I’d love to coach you!

The investment for the 6-Week Wicked Fueled Transformation Challenge is $369.

As soon as you sign up you’ll be set up in an exclusive online portal where you can access all of your Wicked Fueled Transformation Challenge materials, and you will be added to the Slack group on Monday, September 6th.


To help you kick off your transformation in a powerful, energizing, healthy way, you’ll also get:

  1. My proven 5-day Beat the Bloat nutrition plan to get fast results before we even start!
  2. 3 pre-recorded trainings – Building Balanced Meals & TYS; Honing in on Hunger Cues; Making Your Brain Your Bestie – so you can start off the challenge with all the foundational info you need to be successful!
  3. Nutrition guidelines including a meal planning template, recipes, and a portion size guide!

Topics we’re going to cover over the Wicked Fueled Transformation Challenge

Week One: Fool-Proof Goal Planning & DNN Commitments

Week Two: Metabolism 101

Week Three: Fat Adaptation without going Keto

Week Four: Fitness Facts & Myths

Week Five: Creating Your Growth Mindset Body Neutrality & Respect

Week Six: How to Maintain Your Results

If transforming your body was as easy as simply being told what, how much, and when to eat, you’d have your results by now. That’s the exact strategy almost every diet out there uses.

But we’re not a diet. We’re a lifestyle. That’s why we get into the real stuff – the mindset stuff. It’s literally the only way to make this work for the long term.

Click below and join us.

You’ll be so happy you did.